Azure Front Door

Scalable and secure entry point for fast delivery of your global applications

Product Features

  • SSL offload and application acceleration at the edge close to end users
  • Global HTTP load balancing with instant failover
  • Actionable insights about your users and back ends
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Azure DDoS Protection
  • Central control plane for traffic orchestration

Globally distributed microservice applications

Easily join your distributed microservice architectures into a single global application using HTTP load balancing and path-based routing rules. Automate turning up new regions and scale-out with API-driven global actions, and independent fault-tolerance to your backend microservices in Azure – or anywhere.

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Dynamic applications with global reach

Deliver and protect your global application close to your end users with a “battle-tested” service built on world-class Microsoft Global Network infrastructure. Always keep your traffic on the best path to your app, improve your service scale, reduce latency and increase throughput for your global users with edge load balancing and application acceleration.

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Global, real-time performance and availability for your app or API

Flexibly route your users to the closest available backend – with instant failover – for changes in availability or on-the-path performance from your users to your backend. Front Door supports different load balancing algorithms to better manage your backend load, including round-robin, weighted round-robin, active/standby configurations and cookie-based session affinity.

Scale up your global application

Offload SSL and domain management at the edge while accelerating dynamic content to improve agility and scale for your app – and performance for your users.

Protect your app from attacks

Stop network and application layer attacks at the edge with Web Application Firewall and Azure DDoS Protection. Harden your service using Microsoft managed rule sets and author your own rules for custom protection of your app.

Centralised traffic orchestration view

Easily manage domain mapping and traffic to your microservice backends using one central, global dashboard.

Actionable insights about your users and backends

Get insights about where your users are connecting from and the quality of their experience, and select the optimal regions for your Azure back ends.

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