Language Understanding Intelligent Service

Understand language contextually so that your app communicates with people in the way they speak

Build custom language models

One of the key problems in human-computer interactions is the ability of the computers to understand what a person wants and find the pieces of information that are relevant to his or her intention. Our Language Understanding intelligent service, LUIS, provides simple tools that enable you to build your own language models (intents or entities) that allow any application or bot to understand your commands and act accordingly... Now, try our demo to visualise some of the usage scenarios relaying on LUIS.

See it in action

Smart light application in action

LUIS application response

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It is fast and easy

LUIS is designed to enable you to quickly deploy an HTTP endpoint that will take the sentences you send it and interpret them in terms of the intention they convey and the key entities that are present.

It learns and adapts

After your endpoint has processed a few dozen interactions, LUIS begins active learning. LUIS examines all the utterances that have been sent to it, and calls to your attention the ones that it would like you to label.

It offers pre-built applications

In addition to allowing you to build your own applications, it simplifies your jump-start by providing selected set of ready-made languages models that can be directly used in your application.

It is a power developer tool

The overall experience of LUIS focuses on boosting developers’ productivity by providing a set of powerful tools, offered through a simple user-experience and comprehensive set of APIs.


“Using the Cognitive Services APIs, it took us three months to develop a test pair of glasses that can translate text and images into speech, identify emotions and describe scenery. If we had been working full-time, we could have done it in two weeks.”

Benoit Chirouter: R&D Director | Pivothead

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