Azure Arc-enabled data services

Bring Azure data services to on-premises, multi-cloud and edge environments

Run Azure Arc-enabled data services anywhere

Azure Arc allows you to run Azure data services on-premises, at the edge and in multi-cloud environments using Kubernetes on the infrastructure of your choice. Get the latest Azure innovations, elastic scale and unified management for data workloads with or without direct cloud connection.

Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale enabled by Azure Arc are available in preview, with more Azure data services to come.

The latest Azure innovations, including Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale, in any environment

Automation at scale for setting up high availability and elastic scaling without application downtime

Unified management with familiar tools and a modern cloud-billing model across hybrid infrastructure

Cloud benefits for both connected and disconnected scenarios

Always current

Access the latest Azure features and capabilities for on-premises data workloads. Choose from a variety of Azure data services, including Azure PostgreSQL Hyperscale and Azure SQL Managed Instance, which provides evergreen SQL. Set up automatic updates to get the latest patches and upgrades without application downtime while still controlling roll-out, based on your policy.

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Elastic scale

Optimise performance of data workloads with cloud automation and elastic scale in your data centre. Spin up instances in seconds and simplify database administrative tasks, such as setting up high availability, with just a few clicks. Dynamically scale your data workloads based on capacity without application downtime – easily scale up or scale out for more read replicas or for sharding purposes.

Learn how to implement Azure data services in your environment

Unified Management

Gain a single view of your data across on-premises and cloud environments. Maintain a consistent management experience for various relational databases, such as Azure SQL and PostgresSQL. Manage the data layer with views of underlying infrastructure health and capacity for performance. All you need is a familiar tool set that includes the Azure Portal, Azure Data Studio or Azure CLI.

Unmatched security

Protect your data workloads with Azure Security Center in your environment, using the advanced threat protection and vulnerability assessment features for unmatched security. Set security policies, resource boundaries and role-based access control for various data workloads seamlessly across your hybrid infrastructure.

Support for disconnected scenarios

Access the same set of cloud benefits with or without direct and continuous cloud connection. The local Azure Arc data controller provides a full set of management features – including provisioning, elastic scaling, automated updates, high availability, backup and monitoring – in your self-hosted environment.

Frequently asked questions about Azure Arc-enabled data services

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  • Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure Database for PostgreSQL Hyperscale are now available as Azure Arc-enabled services in preview. More Azure data services will be available over time.
  • You’ll need a Kubernetes cluster as the orchestrating fabric in the environment to run Azure data services on the hardware of your choice. We’ll work with major Kubernetes distributions as supported options.
  • Azure Arc automates database management tasks for management at scale. Fast provisioning, on-demand elastic scale, patching, setting up high availability, backup and restore, and monitoring are available out of the box. Azure Arc also enables you to extend advanced data security, Azure Backup, Azure Monitor, Azure Policy and Azure role-based access control for databases running in your environment. For more information, download the infographic.
  • Install the pre-requisite Azure Arc data controller in your environment before provisioning Azure data services and using management capabilities. Then sign up to get started.
  • Azure data services running in hybrid environments will use a cloud billing model. Additionally, SQL Server customers will be able to leverage their existing licensing investments to adopt Azure SQL Managed Instance on Azure Arc. Detailed information on pricing and the purchase model is not available during preview.

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