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Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management

Gain insights into vulnerabilities, risks, and exposures for web-based resources.

Gain visibility into your external attack surface

Microsoft Defender External Attack Surface Management defines your organization’s unique internet-exposed attack surface and discovers unknown resources to proactively manage your security posture.

Global attack surface discovery technology finds, analyzes, and categorizes external-facing resources as they appear

Dynamic inventory includes external assets across multiple cloud environments, including unknown resources like shadow IT

Deep insight into assets uncovers vulnerabilities and identifies emerging risks

Visibility into your external attack surface enhances Microsoft Defender for end-to-end cloud security

Eliminate external security gaps

View your organization's web applications, dependencies, and web infrastructure through a single pane of glass with a dynamic record system. Gain enhanced visibility to enable security and IT teams to identify previously unknown resources, prioritize risk, and eliminate threats.

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Extend security beyond the firewall

View your rapidly changing global attack surface in real time with complete visibility into your organization’s internet-exposed resources. A simple, searchable inventory provides network teams, security defenders, and incident responders with verified insights into vulnerabilities, risks, and exposures from hardware to individual application components.

Understand your security posture

Gain a holistic view of your security posture to develop best practices and make informed decisions about security control investments and remediation with a dynamic inventory of external resources across the internet and multiple cloud environments.

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Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

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