Innovate faster with Azure data services

Wherever your data is, Microsoft Azure will help you unlock its potential. Build intelligent apps faster using the tools and technologies of your choice and artificial intelligence (AI) that’s already built in.

Easily build and deploy anywhere

Use your team’s existing skill sets and tools you know and love to build intelligent apps and deploy without a change in code. Build once, deploy anywhere: in the cloud, on-premises and on edge devices, with the confidence of global distribution to more data centres than any other provider.

Create an impact using an open platform

Choose your favourite technologies, including open source. Azure supports a range of deployment options, popular stacks and languages and a comprehensive set of data engines. Capitalise on this flexibility, as well as the performance, scale and security delivered by Microsoft technologies, to build apps for any scenario.

Develop apps with built-in intelligence

Building intelligent apps using Azure is easy, because no other platform brings analytics and native AI to your data wherever it lives and in the languages you use. Take advantage of a rich set of cognitive APIs to easily build new experiences into your apps for human-like intelligence.

Develop apps with built-in intelligence

Find the database product you need

You’re looking for... Use this
Maintain full flexibility and control over your database and operating system in the cloud. SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines
A fully managed relational database that provisions quickly, scales on the fly and includes built-in intelligence and security Azure SQL Database
A fully managed and scalable MySQL relational database with high availability and security built in at no extra cost Azure Database for MySQL
A fully managed and scalable PostgreSQL relational database with high availability and security built in at no extra cost Azure Database for PostgreSQL
A globally distributed multi-model database, with support for NoSQL choices, with industry-leading performance and SLAs. Azure Cosmos DB
Help to migrate your databases to the cloud with no application code changes Azure Database Migration Service

Find the analytics product you need

You’re looking for... Use this
A fully managed, elastic data warehouse with security at every level of scale at no extra cost Azure Synapse Analytics
Fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform Azure Databricks
A fully managed cloud Hadoop and Spark service backed by 99.9% SLA for your enterprise HDInsight
A fully managed cloud service that enables you to easily build, deploy and share predictive analytics solutions Machine Learning
An on-demand, real-time stream processing service with enterprise-grade security, auditing and support Stream Analytics
A no-limits data lake built to support massively parallel analytics Data Lake Store
A fully managed on-demand pay-per-job analytics service with enterprise-grade security, auditing and support Data Lake Analytics
An enterprise-wide metadata catalogue that makes data asset discovery simple Data Catalog
A data integration service to orchestrate and automate data movement and transformation Data Factory

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Azure SQL Database

Managed, intelligent SQL in the cloud

Azure Cosmos DB

Fast NoSQL database with open APIs for any scale

Azure Synapse Analytics

Limitless analytics service with unmatched time to insight (formerly SQL Data Warehouse)

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Managed PostgreSQL database service for app developers

Azure Database for MySQL

Managed MySQL database service for app developers



Provision cloud Hadoop, Spark, R Server, HBase, and Storm clusters

Machine Learning Studio

Easily build, deploy, and manage predictive analytics solutions

Data Factory

Hybrid data integration at enterprise scale, made easy

Azure Stream Analytics

Real-time analytics on fast moving streams of data from applications and devices

Data Catalog

Get more value from your enterprise data assets

Data Lake Analytics

Distributed analytics service that makes big data easy

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Azure Cognitive Services

Add smart API capabilities to enable contextual interactions

Azure Bot Service

Intelligent, serverless bot service that scales on demand

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