Find cloud migration best practices, scenario guides, training and tools to make your project a success. Get the resources you need and connect with Azure experts to stay on track.

Get cloud migration best practices

Explore three focus areas to help prepare your organisation, ensure that your project is well executed and provide technology that’s ready for the cloud.


Decide on your organisation’s goals and develop the skills needed to run workloads on Azure.

Explore cloud migration training videos


Execute on your migration vision by building a business case, deciding on your migration strategies and tracking success.

Building the cloud business case

Plan your migration strategy


Prepare your cloud infrastructure and manage workloads after migration.

Enable networking for migrated workloads

Optimise migrated workloads

Secure and manage migrated workloads

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Watch migration sessions from Microsoft Ignite

Take a look at the migration highlights from Microsoft Ignite to quickly get up to speed for your own cloud migration.

Explore cloud migration tools

Accelerate and automate your cloud migration with these Azure migration tools.


Azure TCO Calculator

Estimate your cost savings when you move your workloads to Azure.

Azure Migrate

Easily discover, assess and migrate your on-premises virtual machines to Azure.

Database workloads

Azure Database Migration Guide

Create a plan for your database migration.

Data Migration Assistant

Detect compatibility issues, get performance recommendations and migrate database schemas.

SQL Server Migration Assistant

Automate your database migration to SQL Server from Microsoft Access, DB2, MySQL, Oracle and SAP ASE.

Web apps

Azure App Service migration assessment

Assess your application’s readiness to migrate to App Service.


Data centre migration

Azure Migrate

Migrate infrastructure, applications and data to Azure.

Database migration

Azure Database Migration Service

Accelerate your database transition to the cloud.


Cost management

Optimise what you spend on the cloud while maximising cloud potential.

Azure Blueprints

Enable the quick, repeatable creation of fully governed environments.

Secure and manage

Azure Security Center

Get unified security management and advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud workloads.

Azure Monitor

Gain full observability into your applications, infrastructure and network.

Azure Backup

Simplify data protection and protect against ransomware.

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