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Developer stories

See how app developers around the world trust Azure to help them solve important challenges

Teenage developer reimagines education

Aadithyan Rajesh is a 14-year-old entrepreneur and software developer who co-founded the Tangled peer-learning platform to put the fun back into learning. Tangled engages teens and young adults with free, gamified courses – including academics, sports, languages and the arts – taught by Gen-Z peer instructors.

Learn about Aadithyan’s projects on GitHub and Visual Studio Code.

Combating gender-based violence in South Africa with Azure

Christine and Naomi Bisimwa tackled the rampant effects of gender-based violence in South Africa with the cloud and mobile technology. The sisters used GitHub and Azure to build an app that empowers women and girls in their community to take their lives back into their own hands.

Learn about Microsoft training and certification programmes, Microsoft Azure, Azure Maps and GitHub and Azure.

Microsoft Power Platform is bridging the digital divide in Latin America

Sharif Nasser, a developer in Mexico and a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, organises online classes of up to 5,000 students to democratise access to technology using low code. Sharif believes that technology is a powerful tool for equity and progress.

Learn about Microsoft training and certification solutions and Microsoft Power Platform.

Father turns struggle into hope for diagnosing rare diseases

After a long, difficult challenge to find a diagnosis for his child, Julian Isla Gomez decided to help others. His Microsoft Hackathon AI project evolved into Dx29, a free tool that helps medical professionals diagnose rare diseases faster and more accurately – and improves the lives of hundreds of patients worldwide.

Learn about the Dx29 project and Azure Machine Learning.

Find Dx29 on GitHub.

A community for women

After building an app that helped Sterling Bank save hours of work each week, Foyin Olajide-Bello started a community to help women all over the world learn how to use Microsoft Power Apps and inspire others to do more.

Learn about Power Apps.


Cliff Agius is a 787 pilot by day and a hobbyist developer by night. When a family friend asked for help with improving her son’s prosthetic arm, Cliff used open-source software to build a new arm for the teen – and dramatically reduce the costs of prosthetics for others.

Learn about .NET on Azure and Xamarin, find HandyApp on GitHub.

Beeb voice assistant

William Walker, a software engineer at the BBC, has a passion for tinkering and understanding how things work. Learn how he applied this passion to develop a branded voice assistant on Azure and create a stronger connection with the BBC’s global audience.

Explore Azure Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Services, and learn how to build AI apps on Azure.

Learn about the architecture of Beeb.

Stack Overflow

As a developer at Stack Overflow and a co-founder of Girl Develop It and Jewelbots, Sara Chipps is driven to help others learn and achieve more. A recent board member on the .NET Foundation, Sara helps developer communities contribute to open-source projects.

Learn about .NET and Visual Studio Code.

Find Jewelbots on GitHub.

Have I Been Pwned

Troy Hunt’s popular data breach notification website had to scale rapidly to meet demand. Watch Troy explain how he designed the site architecture and made critical decisions that help keep the site optimised at all times.

Learn about Azure Functions, Azure Cache for Redis and Azure SQL Database.

Read Troy’s blog post.

The pandas project

Jeff Reback, core developer on the open-source pandas data science library for Python, explains how GitHub and Azure Pipelines make it easy for the project’s large volunteer developer base to contribute.

Learn about Azure Blob Storage with pandas.

Find pandas on GitHub.

Virgin Atlantic

See how Microsoft Power Apps and Azure services help Manuela Pichler and other developers at Virgin Atlantic to build line-of-business apps faster and easier.

Learn about Power Apps.

Ebiya restaurant

When Haruki Odajima took over a third-generation family restaurant, sales were struggling. Learn how he used Azure to develop an AI system that helped increase business tenfold.

Learn about Azure Machine Learning.


Inspired by his aunt who was living with motor neurone disease, Julius Sweetland set out to create a keyboard controlled by eye movements. Watch the story of his open-source project of passion.

Learn about .NET on Azure.

Find OptiKey on GitHub.

Sea of Thieves

See how game developers at Rare use the PlayFab platform and Azure services to dynamically scale and seamlessly migrate players through shared game worlds in Sea of Thieves.

Learn about Azure PlayFab, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Azure Data Explorer and Azure Cache for Redis.


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