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Container Apps now available in the Azure Marketplace

The Azure Marketplace makes it easy for you to discover, purchase, and deploy apps and services built for Microsoft Azure.

Today we are excited to build on the momentum generated at DockerCon and announce Container Apps in the Azure Marketplace. The new Container Apps category enables you to search and deploy curated Official Repositories from Docker Hub.  This is a super simple “getting started” experience for deploying single and multi-container Dockerized applications utilizing Azure Resource Manager templates and the new Docker Extension . Prior to today’s announcement, you needed to launch Docker on an Ubuntu Server to deploy Docker Host and then run containers on the Azure Virtual Machine.

Deploying a Container App from the Azure Marketplace

To get started, login to the Microsoft Azure portal (https://portal.azure.com). Click the “+ New” and select “Container Apps” in the Create blade. Container Apps showcases a handful of Official Repositories from Docker Hub. You can jump straight to the deployment flow with one click. ImagesforBlog-1  

Azure Marketplace

If you would like to search for the complete list of Container Apps, select “Marketplace” in the Create blade and this will take you to the Container Apps category of the Azure Marketplace. Container Apps   Select a Container App to learn more. ImagesforBlog-3  

Creation Flow

Click “Create” to start a new deployment process . Enter the required user inputs to deploy the Docker Host and containers. ImagesforBlog-4  

Login to the VM once created

Click “OK.”  In just a few minutes, you can login to the created Docker Host Virtual Machine to browse and manage your container applications.

Get Started Today

Get started today with a simple Container App or  building your applications on Docker containers powered by Microsoft Azure! Check out our blog post for a list of all the official announcements relating to Docker integration with Azure. For more information, please visit the Azure Marketplace or check out our FAQ page