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Noelle Walsh

Corporate Vice President, Cloud Operations + Innovation

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Published • 4 min read

How Microsoft measures datacenter water and energy use to improve Azure Cloud sustainability 

One of the biggest topics of discussion at COP26, the global climate conference held in November 2021, was how a lack of reliable and consistent measurement hampers progress on the path to Net Zero. Today, we’re sharing an important update on how Microsoft, and our datacenters, are helping to solve our part of this measurement challenge.

Published • 6 min read

Expanding cloud services: Microsoft launches its sustainable datacenter region in Arizona 

Today we are launching our newest sustainable datacenter region in Arizona, known as “West US 3.” Datacenters are today’s engine for modern business, providing organizations of all sizes the cloud services and tools to innovate, collaborate, and operate securely and efficiently at scale. We build datacenters around the globe to address increased customer demand for Microsoft cloud services, and we do so with sustainability firmly in mind.

Published • 2 min read

Progress on our commitment to sustainable backup power in datacenters by 2030 

In July 2020, we announced our goal to eliminate our dependence on diesel fuel for backup power in our datacenters by 2030. This is in addition to our commitment to have 100 percent supply of renewable energy procured for our datacenter operations by 2025. Reliable backup power is essential to our customer promise—delivering highly available, reliable, and scalable cloud services.

Published • 3 min read

Microsoft will establish its next U.S. datacenter region in Georgia’s Fulton and Douglas Counties 

Datacenters are part of today’s critical infrastructure—providing reliable and scalable compute power for online transactions, conference calls, virtual classrooms, supply chain and inventory management, internet searches, and much more around the world.

Published • 3 min read

Atteindre une consommation 100 % issue des énergies renouvelables avec la surveillance 24 h/24, 7 j/7 chez Microsoft Suède 

Aujourd’hui, nous annonçons que Microsoft sera le premier fournisseur de cloud hyperscale à assurer le suivi de la consommation énergétique horaire et la correspondance avec les énergies renouvelables dans un produit commercial à l’aide de la solution 24/7 Matching de Vattenfall pour nos nouvelles régions de centre de données en Suède, qui seront disponibles en 2021.

Published • 3 min read

La calculatrice de durabilité Microsoft aide les grandes entreprises à analyser l’empreinte carbone de leur infrastructure informatique 

Depuis plus de dix ans, Microsoft s’investit pour réduire l’impact environnemental, tout en prenant en charge la transformation digitale des organisations du monde entier via les services cloud.