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Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB: Flexible, Reliable Cloud NoSQL at Any Scale

How organizations can find value migrating MongoDB and other NoSQL workloads and developing modern applications with Azure Cosmos DB

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Publicado: 13/10/2021

In this paper, Enterprise Strategy Group explores how Azure Cosmos DB is uniquely positioned to address the data requirements of modern applications through unmatched speed and availability SLAs, APIs for MongoDB and Cassandra, and elasticity that supports cost-effective scalability for any workload. After reading, you’ll understand:

  • How managed cloud databases support modern workloads by simplifying data management and reducing customer costs
  • How NoSQL databases like Azure Cosmos DB unlock business value by providing speed and availability despite diverse data types, high traffic, and variable workloads
  • Why Azure Cosmos DB's approach to flexibility, reliability, and scalability makes it unique in the NoSQL market today

The study also spotlights the experiences of three current customers, highlighting benefits like dynamic scalability, superior performance and MongoDB compatibility gained by using Azure Cosmos DB to power cloud-native applications.