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Rani Borkar

Rani Borkar

Corporate Vice President, Azure Hardware Systems and Infrastructure

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Published • 3 min read

Azure Maia for the era of AI: From silicon to software to systems 

Fueling groundbreaking innovations, Azure AI infrastructure comprises of technology from NVIDIA, AMD, and our own AI accelerator, as we announced last November. In this blog, we will dive deeper into the technology and journey of developing Azure Maia 100, Microsoft’s first in-house AI accelerator optimized for Microsoft Azure AI infrastructure. 

computer chips against an abstract background

Microsoft and NVIDIA partnership continues to deliver on the promise of AI 

At NVIDIA GTC, Microsoft and NVIDIA are announcing new offerings across a breadth of solution areas from leading AI infrastructure to new platform integrations, and industry breakthroughs. The news expands our long-standing collaboration, which paved the way for revolutionary AI innovations that customers are now bringing to fruition.

Microsoft Azure AI graphic design

Published • 5 min read

Delivering consistency and transparency for cloud hardware security 

Microsoft has made a number of contributions to and collaborated with various members of the Open Compute Project (OCP) community, the leading industry group dedicated to open source hardware innovation. This year, we are excited to showcase some of our newest projects at the OCP Global Summit.

Published • 2 min read

Aceleración de la innovación en el diseño de chips de silicio en Azure con Synopsys Cloud 

En Microsoft, hemos capacitado a nuestros asociados de larga duración del sector de los semiconductores para que adopten la infraestructura en la nube de Azure y escalen horizontalmente la automatización del diseño electrónico (EDA). Con un nuevo entorno de nube optimizado para EDA que se ejecuta en Azure, el lanzamiento de Synopsys Cloud marca un hito importante para el sector, al ofrecer a los equipos de diseño de chips de silicio la capacidad de escalar y acelerar sus ciclos de desarrollo, transformando el diseño de chips de igual forma que la nube transformó la informática.

Published • 5 min read

Learn how Microsoft Circular Centers are scaling cloud supply chain sustainability 

To deliver the most sustainable, scalable, and reliable cloud for Azure customers, continued innovation in cloud hardware is a constant priority for Microsoft. Learn more about how Microsoft’s Circular Centers are extending the lifespan of our servers with the goal of increasing component reuse by up to 90 percent.

Published • 3 min read

Anatomía de un centro de datos: cómo el hardware de los centros de datos de Microsoft impulsa Microsoft Cloud 

Liderar la ingeniería de hardware en “la” empresa del software no es tan raro como parece, ya que Microsoft Cloud depende del hardware, como base de confianza, confiabilidad, capacidad y rendimiento, para que Microsoft y nuestros clientes puedan lograr más cosas.