Visual Studio subscriptions

Access a comprehensive set of resources for creating, deploying and managing applications on your preferred devices and platforms

Cloud development optimised

  • Build apps for any operating system using a rich IDE with advanced debugging
  • Get a monthly credit to run Azure services as you develop and test your apps
  • Embrace modern DevOps practices using team collaboration tools
  • Access an in-depth library of Microsoft development and testing software
  • Receive expert training and support

Azure Developer Tools

Get the latest versions of Visual Studio, a fully featured IDE for Android, iOS, Windows, web and cloud app development, along with additional cross-platform tooling.

Improve team collaboration

Start collaborating straight away using Azure Devops or Team Foundation Server – at no additional cost.

Try cloud services

Test and experiment with different Azure services risk-free, using a monthly Azure credit. Your credit goes further with special dev/test rates for selected Azure services, such as Windows virtual machines, plus get exclusive access to run Windows 10 desktop images for dev/test.

Use software for dev/test

Develop and test your applications using Microsoft software that’s included in your Visual Studio subscription. You’re licensed to run the software on as many machines as you need – both on your own machines and on virtual machines running in Azure.

Get training and support

Take your skills to the next level with in-depth training on the latest trends and technologies. Rely on technical experts to help solve issues that you encounter in your dev/test environments.

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