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Mayuri Gupta

Program Manager II, R&D Compute MDR IDC (Hyd)

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Überwachen Sie die Integrität Ihrer Notfallwiederherstellung mit Log Analytics 

Wenn Sie Azure Site Recovery einführen, kann die Überwachung Ihres Setups sehr fordernd sein. Sie müssen sicherstellen, dass die Replikation für alle geschützten Instanzen fortgesetzt wird und virtuelle Computer immer für ein Failover bereit sind.

Simplify disaster recovery with Managed Disks for VMware and physical servers 

Azure Site Recovery now supports disaster recovery of VMware virtual machines and physical machines by directly replicating to managed disks. You will have the choice to select the type of managed disk. Provides hassle free management of capacity in Azure.

Published • 2 min read

Disaster Recovery support for Linux on VMware 

Over the last five years, a gradual shift is observed toward open source environments for a number of advantages over boxed open sources. Factors of lower cost, flexibility, security, performance, and community support for open source operating systems, primarily Linux distros have largely been driving this shift across organizations.