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Visualize Azure Machine Learning Models with MicroStrategy Desktop™

The workshop referenced in this blog will show how you can actually create an Azure Machine Learning model to make a flight prediction while effectively dashboarding it with MicroStrategy and do it all in about an hour.

   3 tools Working Seamlessly together

Have you ever wondered how you can use machine learning in your work?

It would be easy to assume that this type of advanced technology isn’t available to you because of simple logistics or complexities. The truth is, machine learning is more accessible than ever before – and even easy-to-use.

Together, Microsoft and MicroStrategy can help users create powerful, cloud-based machine learning applications through self-service analytics. MicroStrategy Desktop™, combined with Microsoft Azure ML, uses a drag-n-drop interface so users can efficiently plan, create and glean insights from a predictive dashboard.

April 18-20 at MicroStrategy World in Washington, DC, Microsoft will use a hands-on workshop to demonstrate how users can go from nothing to a fully-functional predictive data visualization built on machine learning within an hour. The three tools we’ll use are Microsoft R Open, Azure Machine Learning, and MicroStrategy 10 Desktop.

We invite you to attend the session and see it in action first-hand. If you can’t make the trip to MicroStrategy World, check out our step-by-step guide that we’ll review with the audience.

Sound like an easy way to begin using Machine Learning in your work? Here’s some more information on the three tools you need to get up and running in an hour.

Microsoft R Open

Microsoft R Open, formerly known as Revolution R Open (RRO), is the enhanced distribution of R from Microsoft Corporation. It is a complete open source platform for statistical analysis and data science. The current version, Microsoft R Open 3.3.2, is based on (and 100% compatible with) R-3.3.2, the most widely used statistics software in the world, and is therefore fully compatible with all packages, scripts, and applications that work with that version of R. It includes additional capabilities for improved performance, reproducibility, as well as support for Windows and Linux-based platforms.

Like R, Microsoft R Open is open source and free to download, use, and share. It is available from https://mran.microsoft.com/open/ .

Azure Machine Learning

Data can hold secrets, especially if you have lots of it. With lots of data about something, you can examine that data in intelligent ways to find patterns. And those patterns, which are typically too complex for you to detect yourself, can tell you how to solve a problem.

This is exactly what machine learning does: It examines large amounts of data looking for patterns, then generates code that lets you recognize those patterns in new data. Your applications can use this generated code to make better predictions. In other words, machine learning can help you create smarter applications. Azure Machine Learning enables you to build powerful, cloud-based machine learning applications.

MicroStrategy Desktop

Enterprise organizations use MicroStrategy Desktop to answer some of their most difficult business questions.

Available for Mac and PC, MicroStrategy Desktop is a powerful data discovery tool that allows users to access data on their own and build dashboards. With MicroStrategy Desktop, users can access over 70 data sources, from personal spreadsheets to relational databases and big data sources like Hadoop. With the ability to prepare, blend, and profile datasets with built-in data wrangling, users can go from data to dashboards in minutes on a single interface. MicroStrategy Desktop allows departmental users to visualize information with hundreds of chart and graph options, empowering them to make decisions on their own.

Come join us at MicroStrategy World or try the workshop out for yourself.