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Announcing Kentico Cloud Solution in Azure Marketplace

Kentico Cloud is a cloud-first CMS for digital agencies. We’re excited to announce that it is now available in the Azure Marketplace . This solution leverages Azure App Service to host the front end of your application reading the content from Kentico Cloud

Kentico Cloud is a cloud-first Headless CMS for digital agencies and end clients. We’re excited to announce that its sample site is now available in the Azure Marketplace. With such a solution, your Azure App Service web application can read the content form Kentico Cloud. Kentico Cloud stores the content, tracks the visitors, provides you with statistics and allows for personalization of the content for various customer segments. It allows you to distribute the content to any channel and device, such as websites, mobile devices, mixed reality devices, presentation kiosks, etc, through an API.

Here are a few highlights of using Kentico Cloud:

  • Content is served via REST, backed by a super-fast CDN. This means that the app or website can be developed using any programming language on any platform.
  • SDKs for multiple programming languages are provided as open source projects developed by Kentico in collaboration with a developer community.
  • Built-in visitor-tracking feature tracks individual visitors. It allows you to analyze the data to identify customer segments with similar profiles or behavior.
  • Based on the gathered data, Kentico Cloud allows you to deliver personalized content and interactions with customers.

The Kentico Cloud sample application utilizes the Git Deploy feature in Azure App Service. With Git Deploy, you don’t have to package your application for Azure Marketplace. Instead, Azure can build your source code in GitHub for itself and deploy your app to an arbitrary Azure App Service Web App instance.

Go to the Azure Portal to create a sample application that uses Kentico Cloud.