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Using Hue for query authoring with Hadoop on Azure HDInsight

HDInsight provides many options for our customers to enable querying a Hadoop cluster. Learn how to use Hue with HDInsight on Linux.

Tools for query authoring in HDInsight

HDInsight provides many options for our customers to enable querying a Hadoop cluster. On either Windows or Linux, you can use ODBC, Visual Studio, Command Line (CLI on windows, SSH on Linux), .Net SDK or PowerShell. Customers often want a web application to author and submit queries. On Windows we already have a Query Console which is used quite extensively by our customers. Query Console however is not available for Linux. We are announcing Hue – an open source query authoring application for HDInsight on Linux. Read the instructions below for more details.

What is Hue?

Hue is a set of Web applications used to interact with a Hadoop cluster. You can use Hue to browse the storage associated with a Hadoop cluster (WASB, in the case of HDInsight clusters), run Hive jobs and Pig scripts, etc. The following components are supported with Hue installation on an HDInsight Hadoop cluster.

  • Beeswax Hive Editor
  • Pig
  • Metastore manager
  • Oozie
  • FileBrowser (talks to WASB default container)
  • Job Browser

Using Hue with HDInsight clusters

Please refer to this document to learn more about using Hue with HDInsight on Linux.


If you have questions about using Hue or any other feedback about improving the development and debugging experience with HDInsight, please reach out to hdiworkload@microsoft.com.