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Published • 3 min read

Azure Automation Capabilities in Depth: The Azure Automation PowerShell Cmdlets 

By now you’ve probably had a chance to experiment with all the great features of Azure Automation through the Azure Portal. Now what if I told you, you could do all these things and more easily and programmatically from the command line? Whether you want to use Azure Automation completely headless, or you’re just looking to script a few key actions like bulk runbook import, the Azure Automation cmdlets are for you.

Published • 12 min read

Azure Automation in Depth: Runbook Authoring 

While Azure Automation runbooks can be intimidating at first, with a little training they can be easily mastered. In this blog post, we’ll go into depth on some of the features Azure Automation provides to help you write and use runbooks more effectively, as well as some best practices and common gotchas to help you reach true runbook nirvana.