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Jason Zander

Executive Vice President, Microsoft Azure

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Empowering operators and enterprises with the next wave of Azure for Operators services shaping the future of cloud 

By Executive Vice President, Microsoft Azure

At Microsoft, our aim is to be the most trusted co-innovation partner through every stage of the digital evolution, committed to working with communications service providers (CSPs), enterprises, developers, and ISVs alike on the future of a ubiquitous cloud that unlocks the true potential of modern connected apps.

Published • 9 min read

New Azure Space products enable digital resiliency and empower the industry 

By Executive Vice President, Microsoft Azure

Since the launch of Azure Space two years ago, we’ve announced partnerships, products, and tools that have focused on how we can bring together the power of the cloud with the possibilities of space. Today, we are introducing the next wave of product advancements for this mission and announcing specific ways in which we are democratizing space and empowering our partners.

Published • 14 min read

De nouvelles solutions et de nouveaux services Azure pour les opérateurs, conçus pour le futur des télécommunications  

By Executive Vice President, Microsoft Azure

Imaginez les avantages pour les communautés et les organisations qui ont accès à une bande passante améliorée, à la fiabilité et à la latence réduite, tout en tirant parti des fonctionnalités enrichies de la technologie cloud-à-périphérie sans compromettre la sécurité, les services critiques ou les charges de travail clés. Avec les offres les plus complètes pour le secteur des télécommunications, Microsoft est le fournisseur de cloud idéal pour aider les opérateurs dans leur parcours de transformation numérique et leur permettre de fournir ces services novateurs à leurs clients (particuliers, grandes entreprises et administrations). Aujourd’hui, nous annonçons la prochaine vague de solutions et services Azure pour les opérateurs.

Published • 4 min read

Microsoft and AT&T are accelerating the enterprise customer’s journey to the edge with 5G 

By Executive Vice President, Microsoft Azure

With new use cases and connected devices becoming ubiquitous, enterprises are requiring new edge application solutions to help them build innovative solutions. Microsoft and AT&T’s deep collaboration meets these needs by supporting our mutual customers’ digital transformation and evolution.

Microsoft établit des partenariats avec le secteur des télécommunications pour déployer la 5G et bien plus encore 

By Executive Vice President, Microsoft Azure

En raison de la demande croissante pour une connectivité continue, des expériences immersives, une collaboration sécurisée et des relations humaines à distance, les réseaux atteignent leurs limites, tandis que le marché connaît une baisse des prix.

Published • 1 min read

Cray Supercomputers are coming to Azure 

By Executive Vice President, Microsoft Azure

I’m thrilled to share our new partnership with Cray that will provide our customer unprecedented access to supercomputing capabilities in Azure to solve their toughest challenges in climate modeling, precision medicine, energy, manufacturing, and other scientific research.

Published • 4 min read

The best public cloud for SAP workloads gets more powerful 

By Executive Vice President, Microsoft Azure

More and more enterprise customers are realizing the benefits of moving their core business applications to the cloud. Many have moved beyond the conversation of “why cloud” to “which cloud provider.” Customers want the assurance of performance, privacy and scale for their mission critical applications.