Shiva Sivakumar

Director of Progam Management, Azure Monitoring & Diagnostics

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Published • 4 min read

Observability from cloud to edge in Azure 

Our customers are transforming their digital environments, whether migrating workloads to Azure, building new cloud-native apps, or unlocking new scenarios at the edge. As they combine these strategies to meet their business needs, they must also maintain their existing environments. With Azure Monitor, our approach to observability centers on simplicity: We know from our customers how important it is to have monitoring available out-of-the-box and to easily get started with samples and recommendations including effective alerts, optimal queries, and customizable reports.

What’s new in Azure Monitor 

At Ignite 2018, we shared the vision to bring monitoring infrastructure, applications, and the network into one unified offering, providing full stack monitoring for your applications. Over last few months, individual capabilities such as Application Insights and Azure Monitor logs have come together to provide a seamless and integrated Azure Monitor experience.

Published • 3 min read

Nuevas funcionalidades de supervisión de pila completa en Azure Monitor 

Sus clientes esperan que las aplicaciones estén siempre listas y en ejecución. Cuando no es así, es de vital importancia que comprenda rápidamente dónde se encuentra el problema (en la infraestructura o en el código) y que lo resuelva.

Published • 3 min read

End-to-end monitoring solutions in Azure for Apps and Infrastructure 

Today at the Ignite 2017 conference in Florida, we announced a range of new monitoring and analytics capabilities in Azure bringing together application and infrastructure monitoring in a unified curated overview in Azure Monitor. We are significantly optimizing your experience with the new log analytics, metrics exploration, application performance monitoring and failure investigations. We also announced integration of Azure alerts with IT Service Management tools and new solutions for Container Monitoring.