Azure for the retail industry

Create a personalized and seamless shopping experience that influences buying behavior, empowers employees to delight consumers with outstanding service at every point along their shopping journey and optimize retail operations with an intelligent, trusted, and secure platform.

Engage customers with personalized retail experiences

When you gather and understand shopping behavior data, you can anticipate customer needs and interests and respond with personalized offers and experiences across all your retail channels. With personalization, you’ll increase the relevance of your brand, the effectiveness of your promotions, and boost sales.

"In a world where we have 85,000 products on the site and 4,500 products going live each week, we need to make sure that the right subset of those products is in front of our consumers. Now, the products and content will be more relevant to you as a shopper."

Bob Strudwick, Chief Technology Officer

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Empower employees to provide outstanding customer service

Excellent customer service and guest satisfaction is critical to success in retail. Give your people tools that boost productivity, foster collaboration, and promote sharing of insights about customer activity and more. A unified commerce offering with built-in social and mobile capabilities will let your people work effectivity and act quickly to deliver differentiated and personalized customer service.

Capitalize on data-driven insights to enhance revenue

With a reliable, secure, and agile multi-channel platform for advanced analytics you can improve forecasting and make changes in real time to optimize for changing conditions. Predict customer demand, understand how to sell to increase loyalty, and modernize your supply chain—all while keeping customer and employee data private and protected.

Deschutes Brewery
"We estimated that we can optimize fermentation by about 48 hours.... If we trim two days from every fermentation cycle, we can get six more fermentations from each of our 50 vessels per year. That's significant."

Brian Faivre, Brewmaster

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Accelerate and modernize existing business processes

Create modern line-of-business applications faster and at a lower cost, empowering your teams to spend more time on the most complex areas of your business. Driving greater innovation and business value.

"Each month, the Business Leaders visit each of the 480+ Priceline stores, and primarily use the solution that James developed to access and view several retail and customer service metrics during key promotional events."

Sameer Bhangar

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Learn from your data to open new revenue streams

There’s plenty of data out there. Use it to understand your customer and enhance existing offerings—and create new ones—to stand out from the competition. Get advanced insight into what your customers are saying about your products, and respond with innovation.

Arca Continental
"When we started with this project, we were searching for new and improved ways to serve our clients and consumers while boosting profitability. We needed to better use the data we already had and gain a more comprehensive understanding of sales variations and correlations between multiple variables."

Lizeth Refugio Salas, Revenue Growth Management Chief

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