Azure for the financial services industry

Drive innovative cloud solutions in financial services with Azure. Transform the customer experience, optimize risk management, simplify regulatory compliance, and use cloud resources to extend your on-premises capacity on demand.

Why Azure for financial services markets

Rely on a trusted platform

Ongoing investment in security to meet evolving threats and the most comprehensive compliance portfolio in the industry. Get the tools and resources you need to meet regulatory requirements more easily.

Drive your business with AI and machine learning

Cloud-based analytics give you the insight you need to optimize everything from back-end operations to the customer experience.

Extend capacity with on-demand cloud resources

A consistent hybrid platform from the on-premises datacenter to the cloud lets you add capacity for high demand workloads, paying only for what you use.

Personalize your customers’ financial experiences

Build strong customer relationships and optimize sales by delivering marketing and offers targeted to specific customer needs. Personalize the financial advice you provide by taking advantage of data-driven insights and machine learning using Azure advanced analytics with software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Create an environment that promotes exceptional customer service

Give employees the tools they need to provide personalized service while ensuring regulatory compliance. Utilize predictive insights to determine a “next best action” for each customer, increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Boost sales by taking advantage of SaaS-based financial application data to deliver the right offer at the right time.

Get the benefits of software services in the cloud

Capitalize on the lower cost, flexibility, and faster data analysis gained by using banking software services in the cloud. Spend less for on-premises IT, so you can focus on innovation. Reinvest your savings and gains in areas such as product development and enhanced customer service.

Meet your strict security and compliance requirements

Depend on datacenters and cloud services designed from the ground up to meet the highest security and regulatory standards. Get the tools and resources you need to block malicious activity, identify vulnerabilities, and respond rapidly to evolving threats. Meet changing regulatory standards more easily and simplify your approach to compliance.

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Solutions for regulatory compliance

Azure offers financial services customers tools and resources to help meet industry-specific regulatory requirements. Turn-key solutions include service configurations required to meet PCI-DSS and FFIEC certification controls. The Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint - PCI DSS-compliant Payment Processing environments and Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint - FFIEC Financial Services Regulated Workloads package automation and documentation together to fast track customers onboarding to Azure.

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Industry solutions

Learn more about select banking and insurance industry solutions.

Banking and capital markets

Drive innovative cloud solutions in banking and capital markets with Azure. Deliver differentiated customer experiences, drive real-time payments, manage risk across the enterprise, and optimize financial crime operations.

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Increase scale and performance for your risk modeling by taking it to the cloud. Run risk simulations more often in a fraction of the current time, and make decisions faster using cloud-scale data analysis.

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Drive digital transformation in banking with Azure for financial services