The Allscripts prescription for agility: Lift and shift to the cloud

Allscripts is a leading healthcare software manufacturer, serving doctors practices, hospitals, health plans and Big Pharma. To frequently transform its applications and host them securely and reliably, Allscripts has started to use Microsoft Azure. In just three weeks, the company lifted and shifted dozens of acquired applications running on 1,000 virtual machines (VMs) to Azure. Allscripts also develops software in Azure and realises dramatic time-to-market gains and savings by using the Azure platform as a service offering.

Using cloud migration solutions at scale

1000s of VMs migrated in three weeks
82% cost reduction with the Azure Hybrid Benefit

"By moving our acquired applications to Azure, we were able to get them up, running, and adding value to the business in three weeks versus the three months needed to requisition servers and storage."

Peter Tomlinson: Director of IS, Technology Operations