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Start doing DevOps with Azure

Take a simple path to developing and operating your apps in the cloud

Popular services free for 12 months

55+ other services free always

Here's just some of what you can do with Azure

Practice cloud-based CI/CD

Automate app deployment with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). Deploy to the Web Apps feature of App Service, Azure Virtual Machines, Service Fabric, or Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

Get full-stack monitoring

Take advantage of granular performance monitoring, alerts, and easy-to-consume dashboards to help ensure your applications are available and performing as you expect.

Use the toolchain of your choice

Spend less time integrating and more time building solutions. Azure integrates with the popular open source and third-party tools you know and love like Jenkins, Terraform, and Ansible.

Take advantage of free products

These products are free up to the specified monthly amounts. Some are always free to all Azure customers, and some are free for 12 months to new customers only.

12 Months

12 Months


12 Months





Try Azure free—then only pay for what you use

After your USD200 credit, only pay for what you use beyond the free amounts of services. With pay as you go, there’s no fee to maintain your Azure free account, and no upfront commitment. Cancel anytime.

Join the Azure community and get your questions answered live

Get started with confidence by joining the weekly Azure Live Q&A session led by Azure experts. Learn how to get free services, architect solutions, manage resources, deploy apps and databases, and save money.

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Ready? Here’s a review of how it works

Start free. Get USD200 credit to use in 30 days. While you have your credit, get free amounts of popular services and 55+ other services.

After your credit, move to pay as you go to keep getting popular services and 55+ other services. Only pay if you use more than the free monthly amounts.

After 12 months, you'll continue getting 55+ services free always—and still only pay for what you use beyond the free monthly amounts.