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Exciting news! Microsoft Azure DocumentDB is hosting two great sessions at this year’s Ignite Conference in Chicago, IL. Come and join our sessions to learn about Azure’s newest NoSQL database service. Read more about both of our sessions below.

SELECT Latest FROM Microsoft Azure DocumentDB – Tuesday, May 5th from 3:15pm – 4:30pm CT

Get hands on with one of Azure’s newest data platform services. Azure DocumentDB, is a fully managed NoSQL document database service designed to keep pace with the demands of modern application development. DocumentDB offers full indexing of JSON documents, SQL query capabilities and multi-document transactions. Learn how to get started with Azure DocumentDB and hear about some of the recent improvements to the service.

Microsoft Azure DocumentDB and Azure HDInsight: Better Together – Wednesday, May 6th from 10:45am – 12:00pm CT

Learn how the DocumentDB team at Microsoft built a solution that marries DocumentDB’s rich, ad hoc querying capabilities with the computational might of HDInsight to analyze and capture trends in the ever-growing world of Big Data.

  microsoft_igniteJoin us at our Hands-on Lab to learn how to store and access data in DocumentDB. Visit the Building an ASP.NET MVC Application Using Azure DocumentDB lab to get a feel for DocumentDB's simplicity. If you’d like to contact us for questions or for a short meetup, tweet us at @DocumentDB. And, if you want to start reading about DocumentDB now, head over to our service page. Whether you’re new to DocumentDB or a DocumentDB expert, come check out our sessions to learn about this exciting new technology and the possibilities it can unlock for you.

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