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Mike Hulme

GM, Azure Digital Applications Marketing
Mike Hulme is focused on helping businesses drive growth and innovation through intelligent applications powered by AI and data, built on modern app platforms and delivered from the cloud. In leading marketing for Digital and App Innovation at Microsoft, Mike is responsible for bringing to market generation-defining solutions that are shaping every business application, every customer interaction, every industry. Prior to Microsoft, across more than 25 years, he has helped to drive strategies for market leading AI, Cloud, database and app development organizations. Along with leadership positions at Google Cloud and more than a decade at VMware, he has led strategic initiatives with AWS, Nvidia, Intel, Salesforce, Oracle and Dell Technologies.

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Harnessing the power of intelligent apps through modernization 

81% of organizations believe AI will give them a competitive edge. Applications are where AI comes to life. Intelligent applications, powered by AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms are pivotal to enhancing performance and stimulating growth. Thus, innovating with intelligent apps is crucial for businesses looking to gain competitive advantage and accelerate growth in this era of AI.

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