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Published • 2 min read

Ankündigung: Unterstützung für die OpenAPI-Spezifikation v3 in Azure API Management jetzt in der Vorschau 

Azure API Management bietet jetzt Unterstützung für die OpenAPI-Spezifikation v3 (Vorschau), die neueste Version des weit verbreiteten Open Source-Standards für das Beschreiben von APIs. Die Implementierung der Funktion basiert auf dem OpenAPI.NET SDK.

Published • 5 min read

Deep Dive on set-body Policy 

The set body policy is used for changing the request or response body. If the policy is in the inbound policy section it changes the request payload passed to the back-end API, however, if it is in the outbound section it changes the response payload returned by API Management to the client.

Published • 3 min read

Versions & Revisions 

Today we are excited to announce the public preview of support for Versions and Revisions in Azure API Management! This new feature gives you flexibility and control in how you manage change and the lifecycle of your API.

Published • 3 min read


A few months ago we added SOAP pass-through support to Azure API Management – thank you to all of you using and giving us feedback on this feature. One of the top requests was, “How can I transform my SOAP backend into a RESTful HTTP front end?”