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David Armour

Principal PM Manager, Azure Stack

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Azure Stack IaaS – part seven 

Most apps get delivered by a team. When your team delivers the app through virtual machine (VMs), it is important to coordinate efforts. Born in the cloud to serve teams from all over the world, Azure and Azure Stack have some handy capabilities to help you coordinate VM operations across your team.

Published • 3 min read

Azure Stack IaaS – part six 

In the virtualization days I used to pad all my requests for virtual machines (VM) to get the largest size possible. Since decisions and requests took time, I would ask for more than I required just so I wouldn’t have delays if I needed more capacity.

Published • <1 min read

Join the Microsoft Azure Stack Meetup @ Ignite 2016 

The Microsoft Azure Stack product team is hosting a meetup at the Ignite 2016 conference in Atlanta on Monday, Sept. 26th. This is a great opportunity to network with others who are interested in Azure Stack and provide the product team feedback on features and scenarios for Azure Stack.