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    七月 2019


    Azure Resource Graph is now generally available

    Azure Resource Graph, which enables exploration of your resources at scale, is now generally available for all Azure customers.


    New 48vCPUs Azure Virtual Machine sizes are now available

    New 48vCPUs sizes for the Dv3, Dsv3, Ev3, Esv3, Fsv2, and Lsv2 Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) are now available so you can better match your workload requirements.


    Azure Stream Analytics now offers native support for Apache Parquet format

    Stream Analytics now offers native support for Apache Parquet format when writing to Azure Blob storage.


    Cognitive Services Form Recognizer prebuilt capability

    Form Recognizer learns the structure of your forms to intelligently extract text and data.


    Azure Container Registry—Support for scheduling in Container Registry Tasks

    Container Registry Tasks, which supports cloud build and graph execution of containers, now supports automated scheduling.


    Azure Container Registry—Self diagnostic health check support in the Azure CLI

    Easily self-diagnose the most common issues with registry connectivity using Azure Container Registry Health Check APIs.


    Proximity placement groups are now in preview

    A proximity placement group is an Azure Virtual Machine logical grouping capability that you can use to decrease network latency among VMs.


    Multi-protocol Data Access for Azure Data Lake Storage is now in public preview

    New functionality that will enable you to manage the same data using either Blob APIs or Data Lake Storage Gen2 APIs is now available in preview.


    MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB online and offline migrations are now available

    Migrate from on-premises or cloud implementations of MongoDB to Azure Cosmos DB with minimal downtime by using Azure Database Migration Service.


    Read replica across regions for Azure Database for MariaDB

    Cross-region asynchronous replication is now in preview for Azure Database for MariaDB. Create up to five read-only replica servers for every master server to scale out and balance read-heavy workloads across replica servers and Azure regions.


    Azure Cosmos DB .NET V3 SDK now generally available

    Azure Cosmos DB .NET V3 SDK incorporates performance improvements (including the new streaming API), a more intuitive, idiomatic programming model with developer-friendly APIs, and new change feed pull and push programming models.


    Azure DevTest Labs—Configure your lab to use a remote desktop gateway

    Use Azure DevTest Labs to configure a remote desktop gateway for your lab to ensure secure access to the virtual machines (VMs) without having to expose the RDP port.


    Azure Cosmos DB Java V3 SDK now available

    Now generally available, the Azure Cosmos DB Java V3 SDK features a new, more intuitive, idiomatic programming model with developer-friendly APIs, Reactor-based async programming model, and added support for Azure Cosmos DB direct TCP transport protocols to increase performance and availability.


    Availability Zones support is now available for Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in preview

    Protect applications and data from datacenter failures with redundancies across Availability Zones.


    Azure Cosmos DB JavaScript V3 SDK is now available

    Now generally available, the Azure Cosmos DB JavaScript V3 SDK includes usability updates to the object model for a better developer experience, as well as the ability to begin using partition keys to scale previously non-partitioned containers.


    Driver extension for Cassandra in Azure Cosmos DB is now in preview

    Azure Cosmos DB now offers a preview driver extension for Azure Cosmos DB Cassandra API for Java SDK.


    正在開發:Azure Analysis Services 的交錯查詢

    目標可用性: Q4 2019

    企業的 BI 系統必須能夠支援大量的並行使用者,亦即可以讓大量的查詢接連提交。我們很高興能宣佈,我們正在開發交錯查詢功能,藉由系統設定來改進大量並行情況下的使用者體驗。 交錯查詢允許從設定改進大量並行情況下的使用者體驗。當許多查詣可以並行執行時,比較快的查詢就不會被阻擋在比較慢的標詢之後。交錯查詢可以設定短查詢偏差,如此一來,當系統的 CPU 使用量高時,就能為短查詢配置相對於執行時間較長之查詢來說較高比例的 CPU 資源,讓這些查詢能夠儘快完成。


    Azure 暫時性 OS 磁碟現已正式推出

    宣佈暫時性 OS 磁碟現已正式推出,可更快速重新安裝您的 VM 映像至其原始狀態,並可讓您使用共用映像庫來大規模建立數千個 VM。


    您現在可以統一從 Azure Migrate 執行及追蹤您的移轉旅程

    Azure Migrate 在經過加強之後,現在已可用於探索和評定,以及將應用程式、基礎結構與資料從內部部署環境移轉至 Azure。您在 Azure Migrate 中,就能追蹤您多種 Microsoft 及獨立軟體廠商 (ISV) 工具的移轉旅程進度。


    認知服務文字分析情感 v3 已進入公開預覽階段

    最新版本文字分析 API 的情感功能 (v3),大幅改善了對文字文件中正面、中性與負面情感的偵測。目前已在加拿大中部、東亞和美國中部提供公開預覽。