Azure 更新

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    二月 2018


    Public preview: Azure Backup integration with Azure Files

    You can back up file shares automatically based on policy and restore instantly to a point in time by using the Azure portal.

    一月 2018


    General availability: Virtual Network Service Endpoints and Firewalls for Azure Storage

    "Virtual Network Service Endpoints" and "Firewalls and Virtual Networks for Azure Storage" are generally available in all regions in the Azure public cloud and Azure Government.

    十二月 2017


    GUID migration: Managed Disks and Blob storage

    As of December 6, 2017, consumption for Managed Disks and consumption for Blob storage are measured using separate GUIDs.

    十一月 2017


    Name changes: Azure Queue storage

    Effective December 1, 2017, billing service names for Azure Queue storage will change.

    十月 2017


    Public preview expansion: VNet Service Endpoints and Storage Firewalls and Virtual Networks

    The public previews for Virtual Network Service Endpoints and Firewalls and Virtual Networks for Azure Storage have been expanded to include all regions in the Azure public cloud.

    九月 2017


    Preview: Azure Data Box

    The Azure Data Box service is in preview. You can use it to move hundreds of terabytes of data into Azure with high speed, by using secure transfer appliances.


    Azure Data Box

    Azure Data Box 是 Microsoft 所建立之安全、耐用且防竄改的設備,可協助客戶將大量資料轉送到 Azure 儲存體。


    Support for blob storage lease management from the Azure portal

    You can conveniently manage leases on containers and blobs of storage accounts right from the Azure portal.


    Azure Cloud Shell: New CLI tools added and font-size selection

    Microsoft routinely maintains and updates Azure Cloud Shell, including the addition of new CLI tools to improve your productivity. Learn about the CLI tools we recently added.


    Manage stored access policies for storage accounts from within the Azure portal

    You can now manage the stored access policies for your storage accounts from within the Azure portal.

    七月 2017


    New look for Azure Storage overview blade in the portal

    In the Azure portal, the overview blade for storage accounts now loads faster, allows quickly accessible links to storage services, and includes upgraded metrics charts.


    Improvements to blob upload blade in Azure portal

    There are multiple enhancements and fixes to the blob upload experience for storage accounts in the Azure portal.

    六月 2017


    Azure Storage Service Encryption support for Managed Disks

    Azure Storage Service Encryption (SSE) is now supported for Azure Managed Disks. SSE provides encryption-at-rest and helps safeguard your data.

    五月 2017


    Storage accounts available only in the Azure portal from May 15

    Effective May 15, 2017, storage accounts will be available only in the Azure portal.

    二月 2017


    Public preview: Loading files from Azure Blob storage into Azure SQL Database

    Azure SQL Database enables the direct load of files stored in Azure Blob storage by using BULK INSERT and OPENROWSET commands.


    Announcing the new Azure Marketplace experience

    The new Azure Marketplace experience will help you discover and deploy products, deep dive for more info, and get hands-on experience.

    一月 2017


    Azure Storage Data Movement Library 0.5.0 release

    The newest release of the Data Movement Library supports more advanced features.

    十二月 2016


    General availability: Larger block blobs in Azure Storage

    The introduction of larger block blobs increases the maximum file size from 195 GB to 4.77 TB.

    九月 2016


    Generally available: Storage Service Encryption for Azure Storage

    Accounts enabled with Storage Service Encryption will have data encrypted with Microsoft-managed keys using the industry-leading encryption algorithm, AES-256.