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Azure HDInsight—New capabilities and price reductions


We recently made several exciting announcements about Azure HDInsight, including a price reduction of up to 52 percent on all workloads on HDInsight, and added an additional 80 percent price reduction for Microsoft R Server add-on.

現已推出 HDInsight

Azure Bot Service and Language Understanding (LUIS)


Microsoft Cognitive Services and Azure Bot Service enable you to augment the next generation of chatbots with the ability to see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret needs using natural methods of communication. Language Understanding (LUIS) and Azure Bot Service are both now generally available on the Azure portal.

現已推出 Cognitive services

Azure Archive Storage and blob-level tiering


Azure Archive Storage is now generally available. Archive storage will provide a cold storage option for customers interested in lowering their storage costs for long term data that's rarely accessed.

現已推出 Storage

Azure Cosmos DB Network Security—New IP Firewall rule


We now support a new firewall rule that will allow you to limit access to your Azure Cosmos DB account from services deployed in Azure.

現已推出 Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB Graph API


The Azure Cosmos DB Graph API now supports the Apache Tinkerpop recommended Gremlin framework PHP.

現已推出 Cosmos DB

M-Series virtual machines now available


The highest performing Azure virtual machines (VMs) to date, the M-Series, are now available.

現已推出 Virtual Machines

Microsoft IoT Central


Microsoft IoT Central is a full IoT solution that will enable and manage your smart products, devices, and machines.

預覽中 IoT

ND and NCv2 virtual machines now available


ND and NCv2 virtual machines (VMs), as announced at Build 2017, are now available.

現已推出 Virtual Machines

Azure Location Based Services


Azure Location Based Services Preview is a portfolio of geospatial services that will enable developers, enterprises, and partners to create location aware apps and IoT, mobility, logistics, and asset tracking solutions.

預覽中 IoT

Azure Cosmos DB SLA 99.999 percent read availability at global scale


Database accounts spanning two or more Azure regions will now have a 99.999 percent SLA for read availability.

現已推出 Cosmos DB