Cloudera Cluster

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上次更新日期: 2018/8/30

This template deploys a multi VM Cloudera cluster, with one node running Cloudera Manager, two name nodes, and N data nodes.

此 Azure Resource Manager (ARM) 範本是由社群成員 (而非 Microsoft) 建立。每個 ARM 範本都是由其擁有者 (而非 Microsoft) 依據授權合約授權給您。Microsoft 並不負責社群成員所提供和授權的 ARM 範本,而不會為了安全性、相容性或效能進行篩選。社群 ARM 範本並未依據任何 Microsoft 支援方案或服務提供支援,而且會在沒有任何擔保的情況下依現況提供。


參數名稱 說明
adminUsername Admin user name for the VMs
adminPassword Admin password for the VMs (A mix of upper and lower-case characters, digits and symbols)
cmUsername User name for the Cloudera Manager
cmPassword password for the Cloudera Manager (A mix of upper and lower-case characters, digits and symbols)
dnsNamePrefix Unique public DNS name where the VMs will be exposed
masterStorageAccountType The type of the Storage Account to be created for master nodes (defaults to Premium_LRS)
workerStorageAccountType The type of the Storage Account to be created for worker nodes (defaults to Standard_LRS)
virtualNetworkName The name of the virtual network provisioned for the deployment
vnetNewOrExisting Indicator for new or exiting Virtual Network
virtualNetworkRGName Resource Group Name for Vnet. For new VNet leave it empty, otherwise type in existing resource group name
subnetName Subnet name for the virtual network where resources will be provisioned
addressPrefix Virtual Network address CIDR
subnetPrefix CIDR for the subnet where VMs will be placed
masterNodeIPAddress IP address for the first master
dataNodeIPOffSetFromMaster IP address from the master node, for example if the first master is, then the first dataNode would be
tshirtSize T-shirt size of the Cloudera cluster (Eval, Prod)
numberOfDataNodes Number of data nodes for Prod (defaults to 3)
vmSize The size of the VMs deployed in the cluster (defaults to Standard_DS14)
vmImage The OS VM Image (defaults to ClouderaCentOS6_7)
company Your Company
emailAddress your email
businessPhone your business phone number
firstName Your FirstName
lastName Your LastName
jobRole Job Role
jobFunction Job Function



New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment -Name <deployment-name> -ResourceGroupName <resource-group-name> -TemplateUri
安裝和設定 Azure PowerShell


azure config mode arm
azure group deployment create <my-resource-group> <my-deployment-name> --template-uri
安裝和設定 Azure 跨平台命令列介面

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