Azure 快速入門範本

透過 Azure Resource Manager,利用社群貢獻的範本部署 Azure 資源,協助您完成更多的工作。部署、了解、Fork 及回饋。

何謂 Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager 允許您利用宣告式範本佈建應用程式。您只需要使用一個範本,就能部署多項服務及其相依項目。您可使用相同的範本,在應用程式生命週期的每一個階段中重複部署應用程式。


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Artifactory Enterprise Setup

This template helps you setup a Artifactory Enterprise environment.

jainishshah17 更新者:Jainish Shah

Deploys 1 MySQL PaaS instance and up to 5 read only replicas

This template will deploy a MySQL PaaS Server instance, and from 0 to 5 read only replicas. They will all be set on the same location as the master and replication will be automatically configured.

hjlarrea 更新者:Hernan J. Larrea

BOSH Setup

This template helps you setup a development environment where you can deploy BOSH and Cloud Foundry.

bingosummer 更新者:Bin Xia

Create an on-demand SFTP Server with persistent storage

This template demonstrates an on-demand SFTP server using an Azure Container Instance (ACI).

bhummerstone 更新者:Ben Hummerstone

Evidian SafeKit Mirror Cluster

This template deploys a high availability cluster with real-time synchronous replication and failover, between 2 Windows or Linux VMs in 2 availability zones

d6p 更新者:d6p

Run timer jobs that execute on a schedule using Logic Apps.

This template creates a pair of Logic Apps that allows you to create scheduled timer job instances.

kevinlam1 更新者:Kevin Lam

Subnet-driven deployment

This template creates en environment with multiple subnets and the servers (one DC and two members) associated with. If the number of subnets varies, the servers are adjusted automatically. It illustrates several ARM concepts, such as outputs, array as parameters

JF6 更新者:JF6

Concourse CI

Concourse is a CI system composed of simple tools and ideas. It can express entire pipelines, integrating with arbitrary resources, or it can be used to execute one-off tasks, either locally or in another CI system. This template can help to prepare neccessary Azure resources to setup such a CI system, and make the setup more simple.

norshtein 更新者:Tongyao Si

Use KeyVault with a Dynamic resourceId

This template creates a SQL Server and uses an admin password from Key Vault. The reference parameter for the Key Vault secret is created at deployment time using a nested template. This allows the user to simply pass parameter values to the template rather than create a reference parameter in the parameter file.

bmoore-msft 更新者:Brian Moore

TrendMicro-Chef-Splunk Cloud Security Quickstart

This Quickstart program launches a security at scale solution stack that provides an automated provisioning, configuration and integration of TrendMicro DeepSecurity, Splunk Enterprise & Chef Server products ready for pre production environments.

uday-sg 更新者:uday-sg

Deploy Splunk Enterprise

Deploy Splunk Enterprise as a single instance or a distributed cluster to quickly and easily get started with Splunk in Azure. To deploy on Azure Government, go to the Azure quick start repository via the Browse on GitHub button.

rockygiglio 更新者:Rocky Giglio

Create a SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster Deployment

This template creates 5 new Azure VMs, each group load balancer and a VNet. It configures a primary and backup AD Domain Controller for a new Forest and Domain, two SQL Servers and witness in AlwaysOn configuration

上次更新日期: 2018/9/11

SAP NetWeaver 3-tier multi SID (A)SCS (managed disks)

This template allows you to deploy a VM using a operating system that is supported by SAP.

MSSedusch 更新者:Sebastian Max Dusch

Nodejs front-end and MongoDB cluster on Ubuntu VMs

This template creates a front-end Nodejs service and a multi-server MongoDB deployment on Ubuntu virtual machines, and configures the MongoDB installation for high availability

OzGitele 更新者:Oz

Lustre HPC client and server nodes

This template creates Lustre client and server node VMs and related infrastructure such as VNETs

lustrehpc 更新者:lustrehpc

NetApp ONTAP Cloud with SQL

NetApp ONTAP Cloud, the leading enterprise storage operating system, is deployed using OnCommand Cloud Manager to deliver secure, proven NFS, CIFS and iSCSI data management for Azure cloud storage. A software-only storage service running the ONTAP storage operating system, ONTAP Cloud combines data control with enterprise-class storage features???such as data deduplication and compression???to minimize your Azure storage footprint. OnCommand Cloud Manager handles deployment and management of ONTAP Cloud, giving you a simple point-and-click environment to manage your storage and ease control of your data. This Quickstart deploys a production ready and secure environment which includes NetApp ONTAP Cloud, OnCommand Manager, backend SQL Server and Jump Server for accessing systems via remote Desktop.It follows standard recommended architecture & security best practices. See quickstart guide at before deploying the template.

mudash 更新者:Mudassar Shafique

Create an HPC cluster with custom compute node image

This template creates an HPC Pack cluster with the custom compute node image.

sunbinzhu 更新者:Sunbin Zhu

Cloudera Cluster

This template deploys a multi VM Cloudera cluster, with one node running Cloudera Manager, two name nodes, and N data nodes.

jasonbw 更新者:Jason Wang

VM Scale Set Configuration managed by Azure Automation

Deploy a VM Scale Set where virtual machines are deployed as registered nodes in the Azure Automation Desired State Configuration service, and node configuration is guaranteed consistency after deployment. NOTE: Required prerequisites Registration Key and Registration URL are available only after successful creation of an Azure Automation Account for Azure Automation DSC.

mgreenegit 更新者:Michael Greene

Custom Private DNS Zone

This template shows how to deploy a customer private DNS zone within your virtual network. It enables dynamic DNS updates and reverse DNS and gives scripts to configure both Windows and Linux clients to use the custom DNS zone name as the DNS suffix and to perform dynamic DNS updates to maintain the DNS records in the custom zone.

上次更新日期: 2018/8/21

MongoDB on Ubuntu VMs

This template creates a multi-server MongoDB deployment on Ubuntu virtual machines, and configures the MongoDB installation for high availability

TheAzureGuy 更新者:Valery M

Create a HA Sharepoint Deployment

This template creates 9 new Azure VMs, each group load balancer and a VNet. It configures a primary and backup AD Domain Controller for a new Forest and Domain, two SQL Servers and witness in AlwaysOn configuration and 4 Sharepoint VMs with a Sharepoint farm and site

simongdavies 更新者:Simon Davies

Cloudera Cluster with Tableau Dashboards

Deploys a Cloudera cluster with a Tableau server. Instructions provided for data generation in the Cloudera cluster. Instructions are provided for configuring the Tableau server with custom dashboards

jreid143 更新者:Jim Reid

SQL Server 2014 SP1 Enterprise all SQL VM features enabled

This template will create a SQL Server 2014 SP1 Enterprise edition with Auto Patching, Auto Backup and Azure Key Vault Integration features enabled.

上次更新日期: 2018/8/10