Azure 快速入門範本

透過 Azure Resource Manager,利用社群貢獻的範本部署 Azure 資源,協助您完成更多的工作。部署、了解、Fork 及回饋。

何謂 Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager 允許您利用宣告式範本佈建應用程式。您只需要使用一個範本,就能部署多項服務及其相依項目。您可使用相同的範本,在應用程式生命週期的每一個階段中重複部署應用程式。


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SQL Server AlwaysOn Cluster with Managed Disks in AZ

This template creates Azure VMs on an existing VNET, and provisions a SQL Server 2016 or 2017 AlwaysOn Availability Group cluster across AZ's

robotechredmond 更新者:Keith Mayer

IBM Cloud Pak for Data on Azure

This template deploys an Openshift cluster on Azure with all the required resources, infrastructure and then deploys IBM Cloud Pak for Data along with the add-ons that user chooses.

akinfemi 更新者:Akinfemi Aluko

Deploy Solace PubSub+ message broker onto Azure Linux VM(s)

This template allows you to deploy either a standalone Solace PubSub+ message broker or a three node High Availability cluster of Solace PubSub+ message brokers onto Azure Linux VM(s).

SolaceDev 更新者:Solace Systems Development

SAS Viya Quickstart Template for Azure

The SAS Viya Quickstart Template for Azure deploys these products on the cloud: SAS Visual Analytics 8.5 on Linux, SAS Visual Statistics 8.5 on Linux, and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.5 on Linux. This Quickstart is a reference architecture for users who want to deploy the SAS Viya platform, using microservices and other cloud-friendly technologies. By deploying the SAS platform on Azure, you get SAS analytics, data visualization, and machine learning capabilities in an Azure-validated environment. SAS Viya is a cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine. It uses elastic, scalable, and fault-tolerant processing to address complex analytical challenges. SAS Viya provides faster processing for analytics by using a standardized code base that supports programming in SAS, Python, R, Java, and Lua. It also supports cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments and deploys seamlessly to any infrastructure or application ecosystem.

sassoftware 更新者:SAS Software

Deploy an Azure Databricks Workspace and configure CMK

This template allows you to create an Azure Databricks workspace and configure CMK.

sunainakrishnamoorthy 更新者:Sunaina Krishnamoorthy

Create Firewall Premium (IDPS,TLS Inspection,Web Categories)

This template creates an Azure Firewall and Firewall Policy with premium features such as Intrusion Inspection Detection (IDPS), TLS inspection and Web Category filtering

gersner 更新者:gersner

Deploy Drupal with VM Scale Set, Azure Files and Mysql

Deploy a VM Scale Set behind a load balancer/NAT & each VM running Drupal (Apache / PHP). All nodes share the created Azure file share storage and MySQL database

maniSbindra 更新者:Mani Bindra

Kentico Xperience

This template facilitates the deployment of resources required to host Kentico Xperience environments in Microsoft Azure.

chladekm 更新者:Martin Chládek

Deploy a Policy Def and Assign to Multiple Mgmt Groups

This template is a management group level template that will create a policy definition and assign that policy to multiple management groups.

bmoore-msft 更新者:Brian Moore

On-demand SFTP Server using an existing storage account

This template demonstrates an on-demand SFTP server using an Azure Container Instance (ACI).

bhummerstone 更新者:Ben Hummerstone

Create and Deploy a templateSpec

This sample creates and deploys a templateSpec resource within the same template. This is not a typical pattern just meant to show how the templateSpec and the deployment resources are meant to work together.

bmoore-msft 更新者:Brian Moore

Create TemplateSpecs from Template Gallery Templates

This sample contains a script to easily migrate template gallery templates to templateSpec resources. The template provide will deploy all templates that can be exported using the migration script.

bmoore-msft 更新者:Brian Moore

Moesif API Analytics and Monitoring

The template will deploy an EventHub and WebJob that will log API calls from Azure API Management to Moesif API analytics so you can understand customer API usage and debug issues quickly.

Moesif 更新者:Moesif

Tableau Server Single Node

This template deploys a new instance of Tableau Server on an Azure virtual machine along with all required infrastructure elements. Tableau is an industry-leading business intelligence platform. Tableau Server allows users to discover and share data-driven insights throughout their organization in a secure, governable environment. For more information please visit our webpage: For more details please view the Readme on the associated Github page.

maddyloo 更新者:Madeleine Corneli

Create an on-demand SFTP Server with persistent storage

This template demonstrates an on-demand SFTP server using an Azure Container Instance (ACI).

bhummerstone 更新者:Ben Hummerstone

Create ssh-keys and store in KeyVault

This template uses the deploymentScript resource to generate ssh keys and stores the private key in keyVault.

bmoore-msft 更新者:Brian Moore

Deploy Data Lake Store account with encryption(Key Vault)

This template allows you to deploy an Azure Data Lake Store account with data encryption enabled. This account uses Azure Key Vault to manage the encryption key.

mumian 更新者:Jonathan Gao

Create a WordPress site

This template creates a WordPress site on Container Instance

wenwu449 更新者:Wenjun Wu

Create an Azure SQL Server, with data encryption protector

This template creates an Azure SQL server, activates the data encryption protector using a given key stored in a given Key Vault

jchomarat 更新者:Julien Chomarat

Advanced template for Azure Machine Learning workspace

A template that creates Azure Machine Learning workspace with private endpoints and resources behind VNET

guanyu-240 更新者:Guanyu Wang

User assigned identity role assignment template

A template that creates role assignments of user assigned identity on resources that Azure Machine Learning workspace depends on

zhaomuzhi 更新者:zhaomuzhi

Create an Azure VM with a new AD Forest (from a module)

This template creates a new Azure VM, it configures the VM to be an AD DC for a new Forest from a resuable module.

bmoore-msft 更新者:Brian Moore

Enable NSG Flow Logs

This template create an NSG Flow Logs resource

damendo 更新者:Dalan Mendonca

Create a resourceGroup

This template is a subscription level template that will create a resourceGroup. Currently, this template can be deployed via the Azure Portal.

vermegi 更新者:Gitte Vermeiren