Azure 快速入門範本

透過 Azure Resource Manager,利用社群貢獻的範本部署 Azure 資源,協助您完成更多的工作。部署、了解、Fork 及回饋。

何謂 Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager 允許您利用宣告式範本佈建應用程式。您只需要使用一個範本,就能部署多項服務及其相依項目。您可使用相同的範本,在應用程式生命週期的每一個階段中重複部署應用程式。


目前顯示全部 9 個範本。使用搜尋來縮小結果範圍。

Advanced template for Azure Machine Learning workspace

A template that creates Azure Machine Learning workspace with private endpoints and resources behind VNET

guanyu-240 更新者:Guanyu Wang

Enable encryption at rest for Azure Machine Learning

A template that creates a new Azure Machine Learning workspace. Optionally, you can enable encryption for data at rest in the workspace, and data stored by the workspace in Azure Cosmos DB.

Blackmist 更新者:Larry Franks

Azure Container Registry with Geo-replication Template

A template for creating a new Azure Container Registry with geo-replication

jsturtevant 更新者:James Sturtevant

Create an AKS compute target with a Private IP address.

This template creates an AKS compute target in given Azure Machine Learning service workspace with a private IP address.

tatlicioglu 更新者:Mehmet Tatlicioglu

CI/CD using Jenkins on Azure Container Service (AKS)

Containers make it very easy for you to continuously build and deploy your applications. By orchestrating deployment of those containers using Kubernetes in Azure Container Service, you can achieve replicable, manageable clusters of containers. By setting up a continuous build to produce your container images and orchestration, you can increase the speed and reliability of your deployment.

TylerLu 更新者:Tyler Lu

Azure Container Registry Template

A template for creating a new Azure Container Registry.

matthieuklotz 更新者:Matthieu Klotz

Jenkins to Azure Container Registry

This template allows you to deploy an instance of Jenkins on a DS1_v2 size Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VM and an Azure Container Registry. It also includes an optional ACR pipeline.

azure-devops 更新者:Azure DevOps

Azure Spinnaker to Kubernetes

[DEPRECATED] Please use the 'Azure Spinnaker' or 'Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes' template instead.

azure-devops 更新者:Azure DevOps

Continuous Deployment to Kubernetes

This template allows you to deploy and configure a DevOps pipeline from an Azure Container Registry to a Kubernetes cluster. It deploys an instance of Jenkins on a Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VM and an instance of Spinnaker on the same Kubernetes cluster that your pipeline will target. The Jenkins instance will include a basic pipeline that checks out a user-provided git repository, builds the Docker container based on the Dockerfile at the root of the repo, and pushes the image to the provisioned Azure Container Registry. The Spinnaker instance will include a basic pipeline that is triggered by any new tag in the registry and deploys the image to the provisioned Kubernetes cluster.

azure-devops 更新者:Azure DevOps