Azure 快速入門範本

透過 Azure Resource Manager,利用社群貢獻的範本部署 Azure 資源,協助您完成更多的工作。部署、了解、Fork 及回饋。

何謂 Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager 允許您利用宣告式範本佈建應用程式。您只需要使用一個範本,就能部署多項服務及其相依項目。您可使用相同的範本,在應用程式生命週期的每一個階段中重複部署應用程式。


目前顯示全部 400 個範本。使用搜尋來縮小結果範圍。

Secure VM password with Key Vault

This template allows you to deploy a simple Windows VM by retrieving the password that is stored in a Key Vault. Therefore the password is never put in plain text in the template parameter file

bmoore-msft 更新者:Brian Moore

Connect to a storage account from a VM via private endpoint

This sample shows how to use connect a virtual network to access a blob storage account via private endpoint.

paolosalvatori 更新者:Paolo Salvatori

ROS on Azure with Linux VM

This template creates a Linux VM and installs the ROS into it using the CustomScript extension.

ms-iot 更新者:Microsoft IoT

SAS Viya Quickstart Template for Azure

The SAS Viya Quickstart Template for Azure deploys these products on the cloud: SAS Visual Analytics 8.5 on Linux, SAS Visual Statistics 8.5 on Linux, and SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning 8.5 on Linux. This Quickstart is a reference architecture for users who want to deploy the SAS Viya platform, using microservices and other cloud-friendly technologies. By deploying the SAS platform on Azure, you get SAS analytics, data visualization, and machine learning capabilities in an Azure-validated environment. SAS Viya is a cloud-enabled, in-memory analytics engine. It uses elastic, scalable, and fault-tolerant processing to address complex analytical challenges. SAS Viya provides faster processing for analytics by using a standardized code base that supports programming in SAS, Python, R, Java, and Lua. It also supports cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environments and deploys seamlessly to any infrastructure or application ecosystem.

sassoftware 更新者:SAS Software

Perforce Helix Core Linux Single Instance

This template deploys a new instance of Perforce Helix Core Server on a CentOS, RHEL or Ubuntu server in Azure along with all required infrastructure elements. Perforce Helix Core is an industry leading version control system widely used in game development and many other industries. For more information please visit our webpage:

perforce 更新者:Perforce Software

Create a Firewall with FirewallPolicy and IpGroups

This template creates an Azure Firewall with FirewalllPolicy referencing Network Rules with IpGroups. Also, includes a Linux Jumpbox vm setup

ssripadham 更新者:ssripadham

Deploy HBase geo replication

This template allows you to configure an Azure environment for HBase replication across two different regions with VPN vnet-to-vnet connection.

guyhay 更新者:Guy Haycock

Deploy a Ubuntu Linux DataScience VM 18.04.

This template deploy a Ubuntu Server with some tools for Data Science. You can provide the username, password, virtual machine name and select between CPU or GPU computing.

leestott 更新者:Lee Stott

Azure VM-to-VM bandwidth meter

This template allows you to run VM-to-VM bandwidth test with PsPing utility.

AlekseiPolkovnikov 更新者:Aleksei Polkovnikov

KEMP LoadMaster (MultiNIC)

This template creates a KEMP LoadMaster with two interfaces into existing Subnets.

KurtJung 更新者:KurtJung

GPU Vm with OBS-Studio, Skype, MS-Teams for event streaming

This template creates a GPU Vm with OBS-Studio, Skype, MS-Teams for event streaming. It creates the VM in a new vnet, storage account, nic, and public ip with the new compute stack. All installation process based on Chocolately package manager

IhorLeontiev 更新者:Ihor Leontiev

Azure VM Scale Set as clients of Intel Lustre

This template creates a set of Intel Lustre 2.7 clients using Azure VM Scale Sets and Azure gallery OpenLogic CentOS 6.6 or 7.0 images and mounts an existing Intel Lustre filesystem

arsenvlad 更新者:Arsen Vladimirskiy

Tableau Server Single Node

This template deploys a new instance of Tableau Server on an Azure virtual machine along with all required infrastructure elements. Tableau is an industry-leading business intelligence platform. Tableau Server allows users to discover and share data-driven insights throughout their organization in a secure, governable environment. For more information please visit our webpage: For more details please view the Readme on the associated Github page.

maddyloo 更新者:Madeleine Corneli

Private Link service example

This template shows how to create a private link service

mblanco77 更新者:Mauricio Blanco

Private Endpoint example

This template shows how to create a private endpoint pointing to Azure SQL Server

mblanco77 更新者:Mauricio Blanco

Secured virtual hubs

This template creates a secured virtual hub using Azure Firewall to secure your cloud network traffic destined to the Internet.

vhorne 更新者:Vic

Deploy Solace PubSub+ message broker onto Azure Linux VM(s)

This template allows you to deploy either a standalone Solace PubSub+ message broker or a three node High Availability cluster of Solace PubSub+ message brokers onto Azure Linux VM(s).

SolaceDev 更新者:Solace Systems Development

Azure data disk performance meter

This template allows you to run a data disk performance test for different workload types using fio utility.

AlekseiPolkovnikov 更新者:Aleksei Polkovnikov

Deploy a Nextflow genomics cluster

This template deploys a scalable Nextflow cluster with a Jumpbox, n cluster nodes, docker support and shared storage.

lawrencegripper 更新者:Lawrence Gripper

Terraform on Azure

This template allows you to deploy a Terraform workstation as a Linux VM with MSI.

sebastus 更新者:Greg Oliver

Deploy VM Scale Set with LB probe and automatic repairs

This template allows you to deploy a VM scale set of Linux VMs behind a load balancer with health probe configured. The scale set also has automatic instance repairs policy enabled with a grace period of 30 minutes.

avirishuv 更新者:avirishuv

Create an Azure Firewall with multiple IP public addresses

This template creates an Azure Firewall with two public IP addresses and two Windows Server 2019 servers to test.

vhorne 更新者:Vic

Application Security Groups

This template shows how to put together the pieces to secure workloads using NSGs with Application Security Groups. It will deploy a Linux VM running NGINX and through the usage of Applicaton Security Groups on Network Security Groups we will allow access to ports 22 and 80 to a VM assigned to Application Security Group called webServersAsg.

paulomarquesc 更新者:Paulo Marques

Deploy a Windows VM with the Azul Zulu OpenJDK JVM

This template allows you to create a Windows VM with the Azul Zulu OpenJDK JVM

tkarbowski 更新者:Tom Karbowski