Azure 快速入門範本

透過 Azure Resource Manager,利用社群貢獻的範本部署 Azure 資源,協助您完成更多的工作。部署、了解、Fork 及回饋。

何謂 Azure Resource Manager

Azure Resource Manager 允許您利用宣告式範本佈建應用程式。您只需要使用一個範本,就能部署多項服務及其相依項目。您可使用相同的範本,在應用程式生命週期的每一個階段中重複部署應用程式。


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Create Azure Automation account

This template provides an example of how create an Azure Automation account and links it to a new or existing Azure Monitor Log Analytics workspace.

MGoedtel 更新者:Matt Goedtel

Azure Resource Optimization (ARO) Toolkit

The Azure Resource Optimization Toolkit is a decentralized, native Azure solution using serverless technologies to optimize Azure resources on your subscription. Optimization happens automatically on your subscription once you enable or create your own schedule, including on new resources. This is an Azure Automation account with preconfigured runbooks and schedules you can utilize on your subscription to start saving money.

toddrob 更新者:Todd Robertson

OMS - Azure VM Inventory Solution

Enables Azure VM Inventory Solution in OMS. Solution collects Azure VM inventory along with disks, networking components, NSG rules and extensions into OMS workspace.

thebitstreamer 更新者:thebitstreamer

OMS VMM Analytics

Provides a single view of the jobs' status across multiple VMM instances that helps you gain insight about the health & performance of these jobs.

veharshv 更新者:Harsh Vardhan Verma

OMS Service Bus Solution

Monitors Azure Service Bus instances

tianderturpijn 更新者:Tiander Turpijn

OMS - Azure Resource Usage Solution

Solution brings billing infortmation about Azure Resources into OMS. Cost of resources can be displayed in different currency and locale.

Volkanco 更新者:Volkan Coskun

OMS Solution - Hyper-V Replica

A template for creating an OMS solution to monitor Hyper-V replica.

bentaylorwork 更新者:Ben Taylor

ASR Runbooks

Deploys Automation Runbooks for ASR Recovery Plans

krnese 更新者:Kristian Nese

OMS ASR Solution

Enables the ASR (v2) Solution in OMS

krnese 更新者:Kristian Nese