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IronEdge Group is a Managed Services firm with over 12 years’ experience in solving complex customer needs. We specialize in helping mid-market companies drive forward with cloud and analytics initiatives from beginning to end. We work directly with key stakeholders to understand the current readiness of an organization to begin analytics initiatives as well as cloud strategies for current applications and work centers. IronEdge has extensive experience in the retail, information technology services and financial services verticals.

Our processes for business intelligence program success focus on all aspects of the analytics lifecycle that include: executive and user adoption, process control, database and systems optimization, cloud data and storage strategy, data science and optimization, change control, data presentation and self-service information management.

We apply the same framework of proven success to cloud migration and integration projects or services. We document and strategize around the key business drivers for moving to cloud based Azure services. Our goal is to minimize disruption and increase employee adoption of new services. We provide cost planning, migration project planning, professional services for configuration, end user training and long-term support options.

IronEdge can provide professional services to jump start analytics initiatives or we can provide our Analytics as a Service platform for a total end-to-end solution for data management, optimization and presentation. Our service-based approach to analytics is more cost effective than staffing the professionals required to support a full BI team. Additionally, our solution provides almost immediate ROI by focusing on tangible results in just 90 days.

Further development through Power BI can yield immediate, secure and tangible dashboards and graphical data for anyone in the organization by focusing on a true self-service model. Power BI provides an interactive and friendly user experience. Users will find Power BI familiar as it expands from the Microsoft Office suite using controls, verbiage and interfaces utilized over the last 20 years.

By utilizing Azure for data transformation, server stand up, storage, productivity and collaboration software or extract services, IronEdge Group can build a rapid and scalable Data Warehouse, server infrastructure, email, storage target, web service or Data Lake for our clients with a fraction of the budget used for traditional on premise solutions.




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