Azure 研討會

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一系列 Azure 網路研討會


Gain intelligence across all data with SQL Server 2019

Join this webinar to learn how SQL Server 2019 can help you solve modern data challenges with data virtualization, intelligent performance, mission-critical security, and high availability.

Security Analytics in the Cloud Era—Top 5 Industry Trends

Register for this webinar, featuring the Enterprise Strategy Group, to explore the top industry trends in security analytics and operations. Find out how enterprise and midmarket organizations evaluate and purchase security analytics solutions, and why they’re adopting cloud-based security analytics.

Develop Intelligent Apps with Azure Cognitive Search

In this webinar to learn how leading software vendors develop intelligent apps with Azure Cognitive Search, apply AI skills across unstructured data to find information easily, generate a holistic view of your information and gain new insights, dramatically reducing time to market and more.

Manage Your Machine Learning Lifecycle with Azure Databricks

Register for this webinar to learn how to accelerate and manage your end-to-end machine learning lifecycle with Azure Databricks—using MLflow and Azure Machine Learning to build, share, deploy, and manage machine learning applications.


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