Visual Studio 2017 發表會及 20 週年紀念活動

Azure 更新

Azure DevTest Labs available in Korea South and Korea Central

三月 24 – Azure DevTest Labs is now available in Korea South and Korea Central, in addition to the other regions it has supported.

Announcing Support for Multi-member Consortium Blockchain Networks on Azure

三月 23 – We are excited to announce expansion of our blockchain infrastructure services on Azure to support multi-member consortium networks addressing enterprise scenarios that require a deployment of a private network across Azure regions, subscriptions, and AAD tenants.

Introducing Backup Pre-Checks for Backup of Azure VMs

三月 23 – Use Azure Backup's Backup Pre-Checks to identify and resolve Azure VM config issues to ensure successful backups

Azure AD B2C Access Tokens now in public preview

三月 23 – Announcing public preview of access token for Azure AD B2C. Acquire an access token and use it to call a web api.

Lighting up network innovation

三月 23 – Driving up network speed, reducing cost, saving power, expanding capacity, and automating management become crucial when you run one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures. Microsoft has…

加入我們:Visual Studio 2017 發表會及 20 週年紀念活動

二月 9 – Visual Studio 今天滿二十歲了,著實令人難掩喜悅,我們要慶祝 Visual Studio 走過了兩個十年! 在我們抵達這個重要里程碑的同時,也很高興在此宣佈 Visual Studio 2017 將於 3 月 7 日發行。

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