Visual Studio 2017 發表會及 20 週年紀念活動

Azure 更新

Gartner recognizes Microsoft as a leader in enterprise integration

04/20 – Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Integration Platform as a Service (eiPaaS), 2018 positions Microsoft as a leader and it reflects Microsoft’s ability to execute and completeness of vision...

Automating Industrial IoT Security

04/20 – Industrial IoT is the largest IoT opportunity. At Microsoft, we serve this vertical by offering an Industrial IoT Cloud Platform Reference Architecture, which we have conveniently bundled into an open-source Azure IoT Suite solution called Connected Factory and launched it at HMI 2017 a year ago.

Azure Service Fabric – announcing Reliable Services on Linux and RHEL support

04/19 – Many customers are using Azure Service Fabric to build and operate always-on, highly scalable, microservice applications. Recently, we open sourced Service Fabric with the MIT license to increase…

Azure Backup now supports network-restricted storage accounts

04/19 – Azure Backup now supports storage accounts that are secured with Azure Storage firewalls and virtual networks.

Azure Backup now supports storage accounts secured with Azure Storage Firewalls and Virtual Networks

04/19 – We are happy to announce the Azure IaaS VM backup support for network restricted storage accounts. With storage firewalls and Virtual Networks, you can allow traffic only from selected virtual…

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02/09 – Visual Studio 今天滿二十歲了,著實令人難掩喜悅,我們要慶祝 Visual Studio 走過了兩個十年! 在我們抵達這個重要里程碑的同時,也很高興在此宣佈 Visual Studio 2017 將於 3 月 7 日發行。

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