Visual Studio 2017 發表會及 20 週年紀念活動

Azure 更新

Show off your skills with #AzureTrivia

01/20 – #AzureTrivia wants to celebrate the curiosity that keeps you so inspired. Join us, have some fun and show off your whip-smart Azure knowledge — bragging rights are on the line...

Region expansion: Global VNet Peering

01/19 – Global VNet Peering is available in more regions.

December 2017 Leaderboard of Database Systems contributors on MSDN

01/18 – Congratulations to our December top-10 contributors! Alberto Morillo and Visakh Murukesan maintain their top positions.This Leaderboard initiative was started in October 2016 to recognize the top…

Announcing IoT extension for Azure CLI 2.0

01/18 – We recently released a new open source IoT extension that adds to the capabilities of Azure CLI 2.0. Azure CLI 2.0 includes commands for interacting with Azure Resource Manager and management endpoints...

Change in Mercury DB and Titan DB service plans

01/18 – ClearDB is discontinuing the Mercury DB and Titan DB service plans in the Azure platform.

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02/09 – Visual Studio 今天滿二十歲了,著實令人難掩喜悅,我們要慶祝 Visual Studio 走過了兩個十年! 在我們抵達這個重要里程碑的同時,也很高興在此宣佈 Visual Studio 2017 將於 3 月 7 日發行。

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