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General availability: Service tags for NSGs

一月 15, 2018 – Service tags for NSGs are generally available.

Azure Backup now supports BEK-encrypted Azure virtual machines

一月 9, 2018 – Azure Backup supports backup and restore of virtual machines that have managed or unmanaged disks encrypted through BEK or through a combination of BEK and KEK.

General availability: Augmented rules for NSGs

一月 9, 2018 – Augmented security rules for NSGs are generally available.


Maximize your VM’s Performance with Accelerated Networking – now generally available for both Windows and Linux

一月 5, 2018

We are happy to announce that Accelerated Networking (AN) is generally available (GA) and widely available for Windows and the latest distributions of Linux providing up to 30Gbps in networking…


免費取得 $200 的 Azure 點數與 12 個月的熱門服務


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訂閱者每年最多可取得價值達 $1800 的 Azure 服務



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