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    十一月 2017


    Azure Notification Hubs .NET SDK now compatible with .NET Standard 2.0

    Azure Notifications Hubs .NET SDK now runs on any .NET platform, including .NET core for back-end environments.

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    六月 2016


    Batch send notifications to device tokens using Notification Hubs

    The Batch Direct Send feature of Azure Notification Hubs simplifies custom device storage and migration scenarios.

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    五月 2016


    Namespace-level tier selection enabled for Notification Hubs

    Notification Hubs recently enabled namespace-level tiers so that customers can allocate resources tailored to each namespace’s expected traffic and usage patterns.

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    Deploy geo-fenced push notifications by using Azure Notification Hubs

    We published a tutorial that explains how to deliver location-based push notifications by using Azure Notification Hubs and Bing Spatial Data, leveraged from within a Universal Windows Platform application.

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