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    五月 2019


    高级实时编码器现在支持 1080p 和 30 fps 的流式传输

    借助 Azure 媒体服务的高级实时编码器,现在用户可以 1080p 的分辨率和高达每秒 30 帧的速度对流式传输内容进行实时编码。

    十二月 2018


    Media Hyperlapse(预览版)将于 2019 年 3 月 29 日停用

    从 2018 年 12 月 19 日起,我们不再对 Azure 媒体服务的 Media Hyperlapse 功能进行更改或改进。

    十月 2018


    现已推出:Azure 媒体服务 v3 API

    对媒体服务进行了几项改进,包括新 Azure 媒体服务 API 的可用性和对 Azure Media Player 的更新。

    九月 2018


    现已推出:Azure 媒体服务视频索引器

    现已正式推出 Azure 媒体服务基于 AI 的媒体元数据提取服务。

    五月 2018


    Azure 媒体服务和视频索引器

    通过 Azure 媒体服务和视频索引器,可轻松将高级媒体处理和基于 AI 的媒体元数据提取集成到应用和工作流上。

    十二月 2017


    Media Services SDKs for Java and PHP support Azure Active Directory Authentication

    Azure Media Services client SDKs for both Java and PHP now support Azure Active Directory authentication.

    十一月 2017


    Azure Media Services October 2017 updates

    The October 2017 release of Azure Media Services includes updates for file-based encoding and media analytics.

    一月 2017


    Standard streaming endpoints and Azure Content Delivery Network integration

    A standard streaming endpoint eliminates the complexity of streaming endpoints by giving you the scale and robustness you need without making you worry about streaming units.

    十一月 2016


    Custom reports for Verizon Standard and Premium profiles

    You can now find custom reports in the supplemental management portal for both Verizon profile types.

    七月 2016


    General availability: Apple FairPlay Streaming for Azure Media Services

    Apple FairPlay Streaming is Apple’s digital rights management (DRM) format that protects both Video on Demand (VOD) and live streams.

    六月 2016


    公开上市:适用于 Azure 媒体服务的 Apple FairPlay Streaming

    如果想将优质内容流式传输到 Apple TV,需使用 Apple FairPlay Streaming (FPS) 技术。这一解决方案的构建可能很单调乏味,因此我们推出了这项新服务。

    五月 2016


    Public preview: Media Analytics for Azure Media Services

    Media Analytics is a collection of speech and vision services that makes it easier for organizations and enterprises to derive actionable insights from their video files through advanced machine learning technology.

    二月 2016


    General availability: Google Widevine modular license delivery in Azure Media Services

    You can now apply common encryption with Widevine or Microsoft PlayReady to help protect your premium content.

    十月 2015


    General availability: Live Encoding for Azure Media Services

    Live Encoding for Azure Media Services expands on our live cloud platform.

    九月 2015


    现已推出:适用于 Azure 媒体服务的实时编码

    现已推出曾在超级碗 XLIX 和 2014 年索契冬奥会等大型赛事上提供数字覆盖的同一实时编码技术。

    七月 2015


    General availability: Premium Encoding for Azure Media Services

    With Premium Encoding for Azure Media Services, customers can deploy this advanced encoder where they can take advantage of automated decision-making logic that can adapt to a variety of inputs.


    现已推出:适用于 Azure 媒体服务的媒体编码器高级版

    适用于 Azure 媒体服务的媒体编码器高级版提供新的高级编码功能,包括对 MXF 和 DVCPRO 格式的支持,以及 4K AVC、多语言音频、隐藏字幕、去隔行和颜色转换。

    五月 2015


    Media Services supports defining filters for your assets

    Media Services enables you to define filters based on customer's requests.


    Hyperlapse for Azure Media Services available

    We’ve released Hyperlapse for Azure Media Services, which integrates Hyperlapse technology with a media processor in the cloud.


    Public preview: Live Encoding for Azure Media Services

    This is a public preview of the same Live Encoding technology used to power digital coverage of large events such as Super Bowl XLIX and the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.