Azure 解决方案体系结构

体系结构可帮助你在 Azure 上设计和实现安全、高可用性、高性能且可复原的解决方案。

Live streaming digital mediaA live streaming solution allows you to capture video in real-time and broadcast it to consumers in real time, such as streaming interviews, conferences and sporting events online. In this solution, video is captured by a video camera and sent to a channel input endpoint. The channel receives the live input stream and makes it available for streaming through a streaming endpoint to a web browser or mobile app. The channel also provides a preview monitoring endpoint to preview and validate your stream before further processing and delivery. The channel can also record and store the ingested content in order to be streamed later (video-on-demand).TokenTokenLicense/KeyLicense/KeyChannelLive SourceCloud DRM License/Key Delivery ServeStreamingEndpointMulti-ProtocolDynamicPackaging/Multi-DRMAzure CDNAzure BlobStoragePreviewMonitoringAzure Media Playerin BrowserAzure Media Playerin Mobile AppAzure LiveEncoder3rd Party On-PremisesLive EncoderProgram


一种实时传送视频流解决方案,可实时捕获视频并向消费者播放,如联机流式传输访谈、会议或体育赛事。在该解决方案中,视频通过视频相机进行捕获并发送到频道输入终结点。频道接收实时输入流,并使其可通过流式处理终结点流式处理到 Web 浏览器或移动应用中。频道还提供一个预览监视终结点,可用于在进一步处理和传递之前预览和验证流。此外,频道还会录制和存储引入的内容,以便稍后进行流式处理(点播视频)。