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Protection & Recovery is designed to protect Windows and Linux workloads, regardless of whether they are running on Hyper-V, VMware, or on virtual or physical machines.
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Reduce costs and unnecessary overhead

Reduce the number of workloads on-premises and your overall infrastructure maintenance and costs with rich and powerful Azure Recovery Services tools and pay-as-you-go storage. Use Azure Site Recovery as a migration tool to Azure and to protect workloads in the cloud. With Azure Backup, you can deploy and maintain backups in the Azure portal, giving you one centralized location for managing your disaster recovery plan.

Protection for your virtual machines in Azure

As a leading hyper-scale cloud provider with the most global datacenters, you can backup and restore, or replicate and failover, all your major apps and data from your choice of many regions.. Fabric-level protection removes the time involved of installing an agent to enable backup. With integration into Azure virtual machine management, you can easily discover Azure Backup and then quickly start protecting your workloads from day one.

Why choose Protection & Recovery?

Leverage Azure as your secondary site to reduce infrastructure and operational costs.

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Protect workloads, both Windows and Linux-based, regardless of whether they are running on Hyper-V, VMware, or physical machines.

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Use premium recovery options to geo-replicate workloads in the Azure region that fits for your business.

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Protect apps against ransomware and corruption, either malicious or through human errors.

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"We have reduced backup work by at least 20 percent by moving to an integrated on-premises and cloud backup solution.”
Kerem Karabiber: IT and Business Development Manager, Kardem



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