Azure Friday


每周五加入 Scott Hanselman,他将与构建 Microsoft Azure 各种服务从而赋予其强大功能的幕后工程师进行一对一的交谈。他们将进行功能演示、回答 Scott 的提问,并分享他们的见解。


Connect and extend your mainframe to the cloud with Logic Apps

Mainframes are heavy and moving their workloads to the cloud takes time. Using the Logic Apps connector for IBM 3270 'green screens' you can now easily record mainframe applications and drive them from Logic Apps. This capability, sometimes termed, RPA (robotic process automation), enables you to extend your valuable mainframe assets with the vast array of amazing services in Azure to modernize your apps. All via Logic Apps, without writing a line of code.



免费获得 $200 的 Azure 额度和 12 个月的常见服务使用权。

Visual Studio

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