Azure 快速启动模板

使用社区提供的模板通过 Azure 资源管理器部署 Azure 资源以执行更多操作。部署、学习、派生并回馈。

什么是 Azure 资源管理器?

Azure 资源管理器使你可以使用声明性模板设置应用程序。在单个模板中,你可以部署多个服务及其依赖项。可在应用程序生命周期的每个阶段中使用相同模板重复部署应用程序。



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Install MongoDB on an Ubuntu VM using Custom Script LinuxExt

This template deploys Mongo DB on an Ubuntu Virtual Machine. This template also deploys a Storage Account, Virtual Network, Public IP addresses and a Network Interface.

mahthi 发布者 Mahesh Thiagarajan

Deploy a Nextflow genomics cluster

This template deploys a scalable Nextflow cluster with a Jumpbox, n cluster nodes, docker support and shared storage.

lawrencegripper 发布者 Lawrence Gripper

Deploy Neo4J in Ubuntu VM.

This template allows you to deploy an Ubuntu VM with Neo4J binaries and runs Neo4J on its designated ports.

helshabini 发布者 Hazem Elshabini

Deploy an Autoscale Setting for Virtual Machine ScaleSet

This template allows you to deploy an autoscale policy for Virtual Machine ScaleSet resource.

asheniam 发布者 Andy Shen

Create SQL MI with jumpbox inside new virtual network

Deploy Azure Sql Database Managed Instance (SQL MI) and JumpBox with SSMS inside new Virtual Network.

srdan-bozovic-msft 发布者 Srđan Božović

KEMP LoadMaster (MultiNIC)

This template creates a KEMP LoadMaster with two interfaces into existing Subnets.

KurtJung 发布者 KurtJung

VMSS deploy of IPv6 in Azure Virtual Network (VNET)

Create VM Scale Set with dual stack IPv4/IPv6 VNET and Std Load Balancer.

EricTheRed999 发布者 Eric Lantz

Nagios Core on Ubuntu VMs

This template installs and configures Nagios Core, the industry standard, Open Source IT monitoring system that enables organizations to identify and resolve IT infrastructure problems before they affect critical business processes

上次更新时间: 2021/5/5


This template deploys OpenCanvas on Ubuntu 16.04

laxmikatika 发布者 laxmikatika

WinRM on a Windows VM

This template installs a certificate from Azure Key Vault on a Virtual Machine and opens up WinRM HTTP and HTTPS listeners. Prerequisite: A certificate uploaded to Azure Key Vault. Create the Key Vault using the template at

singhkays 发布者 Kay Singh

Install Multiple Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) Agents

This template builds a Virtual Machine and supporting Resources with Visual Studio 2017 installed. It also installs and configures upto 4 VSTS build agents and links them to a VSTS Pool

mrptsai 发布者 Paul Towler


Creates 2 new VMs with a NIC each, in two different subnets within the same VNet. Sets service endpoint on one of the subnets and secures storage account to that subnet.

AnithaAdusumilli 发布者 Anitha Adusumilli

Deploy an Ubuntu VM scale set with Azure Application Gateway

This template allows you to deploy a simple Ubuntu VM Scale Set integrated with Azure Application Gateway, and supports up to 1000 VMs

gbowerman 发布者 Guy Bowerman
上次更新时间:2021/5/5 Azure Gateway

Fully private Azure Gateway deployment to provide an S3 compliant storage API backed by blob storage

sarahecraddock 发布者 sarahecraddock

Windows Docker Host with Portainer and Traefik pre-installed

Windows Docker Host with Portainer and Traefik pre-installed

tfenster 发布者 Tobias Fenster

High IOPS 32 Data Disk storage pool Standard D14 VM

This template creates a Standard D14 VM with 32 data disks attached. Using DSC they are automatically striped per best practices to get maximum IOPS and formatted into a single volume.

jvallery 发布者 Jason Vallery

Create an new AD Domain with 2 Domain Controllers

This template creates 2 new VMs to be AD DCs (primary and backup) for a new Forest and Domain

simongdavies 发布者 Simon Davies

Azure Application Gateway Demo Setup

This template allows you to quickly deploy Azure Application Gateway demo to test load-balancing with or without cookie-based affinity.

AlekseiPolkovnikov 发布者 Aleksei Polkovnikov

Create VM from existing VHDs and connect it to existingVNET

This template creates a VM from VHDs (OS + data disk) and let you connect it to an existing VNET that can reside in another Resource Group then the virtual machine

MCKLMT 发布者 Mickaël Mottet

Deploy multiple VM Scale Sets of Linux VMs.

This template allows you to deploy multiple VM Scale Sets of Linux VMs.

gatneil 发布者 Neil Sant Gat

Create an Azure VM with a new AD Forest

This template creates a new Azure VM, it configures the VM to be an AD DC for a new Forest

simongdavies 发布者 Simon Davies

Simple DSC Pull Server

This example allows to you deploy a powershell desired state configuration pull server.

tcsatheesh 发布者 tcsatheesh[MSFT]

DNS Forwarder VM

This template shows how to create a DNS server that forwards queries to Azure's internal DNS servers. This is useful for setting up DNS resultion between virtual networks (as described in

上次更新时间: 2021/5/4

VNS3 network appliance for cloud connectivity and security.

VNS3 is a software only virtual appliance that provides the combined features and functions of a security appliance, application delivery controller and unified threat management device at the cloud application edge. Key benefits, on top of cloud networking, always on end to end encryption, federate data centres, cloud regions, cloud providers, and/or containers, creating one unified address space, attestable control over encryption keys, meshed network manageable at scale, reliable HA in the cloud, isolate sensitive applications (fast low cost Network Segmentation), segmentation within applications, Analysis of all data in motion in the cloud. Key network functions; virtual router, switch, firewall, vpn concentrator, multicast distributor, with plugins for WAF, NIDS, caching, proxy, load balancers and other layer 4 thru 7 network functions, VNS3 doesn't require new knowledge or training to implement, so you can integrate with existing network equipment.

HKF1977 发布者 HKF1977