Azure 快速启动模板

使用社区提供的模板通过 Azure 资源管理器部署 Azure 资源以执行更多操作。部署、学习、派生并回馈。

什么是 Azure 资源管理器?

Azure 资源管理器使你可以使用声明性模板设置应用程序。在单个模板中,你可以部署多个服务及其依赖项。可在应用程序生命周期的每个阶段中使用相同模板重复部署应用程序。


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Deploy Neo4J in Ubuntu VM.

This template allows you to deploy an Ubuntu VM with Neo4J binaries and runs Neo4J on its designated ports.

helshabini 发布者 Hazem Elshabini

Deploy a 5 Node Secure Cluster

This template allows you to deploy a secure 5 node Service Fabric Cluster running Windows Server 2019 Datacenter on a Standard_D2_v2 Size VMSS.

ChackDan 发布者 Chacko Daniel

VM Scale Set with autoscale running an IIS WebApp

Deploys a Windows VM Scale Set running IIS and a very basic .NET MVC web app. The VMSS PowerShell DSC Extension is leveraged to do the IIS install and WebDeploy package deployment.

jboeshart 发布者 Jason Boeshart

Deploy VM Scale Set with Python Bottle server & AutoScale

Deploy a VM Scale Set behind a load balancer/NAT & each VM running a simple Python Bottle app that does work. With Autoscale configured Scale Set will scale out & in as needed

gbowerman 发布者 Guy Bowerman

Single SharePoint farm with extensive configuration

Create a single SharePoint 2019 / 2016 / 2013 farm with an extensive configuration to ease the creation of complex environments.

Yvand 发布者 Yvan Duhamel

Deploy a Virtual Machine with SSH rsa public key

This template allows you to create a Virtual Machine with SSH rsa public key

squillace 发布者 Ralph Squillace

Install Configuration Manager Current Branch in Azure

This template creates 4 or 5 new Azure VMs based on which configuration you choose. It configures a new AD domain controler, a new hierarchy/standalone bench with SQL Server, a remote site system server with Management Point and Distribution Point and a client.

yizhongwu 发布者 Yizhong Wu

Create an Azure VM with a new AD Forest

This template creates a new Azure VM, it configures the VM to be an AD DC for a new forest

bmoore-msft 发布者 Brian Moore

Create a Private AKS Cluster

This sample shows how to create a private AKS cluster in a virtual network along with a jumpbox virtual machine.

paolosalvatori 发布者 Paolo Salvatori

Migrate to Azure SQL database using Azure DMS

The Azure Database Migration Service (DMS) is designed to streamline the process of migrating on-premises databases to Azure. DMS will simplify the migration of existing on-premises SQL Server and Oracle databases to Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance or Microsoft SQL Server in an Azure Virtual Machine. This template would deploy an instance of Azure Database Migration service, an Azure VM with SQL server installed on it which will act as a Source server with pre created database on it and a Target Azure SQL DB server which will have a pre-created schema of the database to be migrated from Source to Target server. The template will also deploy the required resources like NIC, vnet etc for supporting the Source VM, DMS service and Target server.

ash1625 发布者 Ashish Shinde

Create an Ubuntu GNOME desktop

This template creates an ubuntu desktop machine. This works great for use as a jumpbox behind a NAT.

anhowe 发布者 Anthony Howe

Deploy an Openvpn Access Server

This template uses the Azure Linux CustomScript extension to deploy an openvpn access server. It creates an Ubuntu VM, does a silent install of openvpn access server, then make the basic server network settings: define the VPN Server Hostname to be the VM's public ip's DNS name

251744647 发布者 251744647

SQL VM Performance Optimized Storage Settings on UltraSSD

Create a SQL Server Virtual Machine with performance optimized storage settings, using UltraSSD for SQL Log files

sam0227 发布者 Feng Hong

DNS Forwarder VM

This template shows how to create a DNS server that forwards queries to Azure's internal DNS servers. This is useful for setting up DNS resultion between virtual networks (as described in

上次更新时间: 2020/9/19

Jenkins on Azure (SSH key)

This template allows you to deploy a secure Jenkins instance on a DS1_v2 size Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VM using an SSH public key for authentication.

azure-devops 发布者 Azure DevOps

SQL Server VM with performance optimized storage settings

Create a SQL Server Virtual Machine with performance optimized storage settings on PremiumSSD

sam0227 发布者 Feng Hong

Private Endpoint example

This template shows how to create a private endpoint pointing to Azure SQL Server

mblanco77 发布者 Mauricio Blanco

Deploy a simple Windows VM

This template allows you to deploy a simple Windows VM using a few different options for the Windows version, using the latest patched version. This will deploy an A2 size VM in the resource group location and return the FQDN of the VM.

bmoore-msft 发布者 Brian Moore

IIS Server using DSC extension on a Windows VM

This template creates a Windows VM and sets up an IIS server using the DSC extension. NOTE: The DSC configuration module needs a SAS token to be passed in if you're using Azure Storage. For DSC module link from Github (default in this template), this is not needed.

bmoore-msft 发布者 Brian Moore

Deploy a simple Ubuntu Linux VM 18.04-LTS.

This template deploy a Ubuntu Server with a few options for the VM. You can provide the VM Name, OS Version, VM size, admin username and password. As default the VM size is Standard_B2s and O.S. Version is 18.04-LTS.

bmoore-msft 发布者 Brian Moore

Jenkins on Azure (password)

This template allows you to deploy a secure Jenkins instance on a DS1_v2 size Linux Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VM.

azure-devops 发布者 Azure DevOps

Create a standard load-balancer

This template creates an Internet-facing load-balancer, load balancing rules, and three VMs for the backend pool with each VM in a redundant zone.

mumian 发布者 Jonathan Gao

Create an Azure Firewall with IpGroups

This template creates an Azure Firewall with Application and Network Rules referring to IpGroups. Also, includes a Linux Jumpbox vm setup

ssripadham 发布者 ssripadham

Create a sandbox setup of Azure Firewall with Linux VMs

This template creates a virtual network with 3 subnets (server subnet, jumpbox subet and AzureFirewall subnet), a jumpbox VM with public IP, A server VM, UDR route to point to Azure Firewall for the Server Subnet and an Azure Firewall with 1 or more Public IP addresses, 1 sample application rule, 1 sample network rule and default private ranges

iatodoro 发布者 iatodoro