Create Key Vault with logging

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This template creates a Key Vault and a storage account that is used for logging. It optionally creates resource locks to protect your Key Vault and storage resources.

此 Azure Resource Manager (ARM) 模板由社区的某个成员(而不是由 Microsoft)创建。每个 ARM 模板都根据其所有者(不是 Microsoft)的许可协议向你授予许可。Microsoft 不对由社区成员提供并授予许可的 ARM 模板负责,并且不针对安全性、兼容性和性能进行筛选。社区 ARM 模板不由任何 Microsoft 支持计划或服务提供支持,按“原样”提供,没有任何种类的担保。


参数名 说明
keyVaultName KeyVault name
accessPolicies Access policies object {"tenantId":"","objectId":"","permissions":{"keys":[""],"secrets":[""]}}
logsRetentionInDays Specifies the number of days that logs are gonna be kept. If you do not want to apply any retention policy and retain data forever, set value to 0.
enableVaultForDeployment Specifies if the vault is enabled for deployment by script or compute (VM, Service Fabric, ...)
enableVaultForTemplateDeployment Specifies if the vault is enabled for a template deployment
enableVaultForDiskEncryption Specifies if the azure platform has access to the vault for enabling disk encryption scenarios.
vaultSku Specifies the SKU for the vault
protectWithLocks (无可用说明)



New-AzureRmResourceGroupDeployment -Name <deployment-name> -ResourceGroupName <resource-group-name> -TemplateUri
安装和配置 Azure PowerShell


azure config mode arm
azure group deployment create <my-resource-group> <my-deployment-name> --template-uri
安装和配置 Azure 跨平台命令行界面