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Encode and Deliver Content on Demand with Azure Media Services using .NET SDK

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The sample shows how to encode media on demand with Media Encoder Standard. The following media processing operations are shown:

  • How to generate a thumbnail.
  • How to encode to audio only.
  • How to encoder to adaptive bitrate MP4s.

Running this sample

  1. Use Nuget to install the latest Azure Media Services .NET SDK extensions.

    Install-Package windowsazure.mediaservices.extensions.

  2. Update the appSettings section of the app.config file with appropriate values. For more information, see this topic.

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
            <add key="AMSAADTenantDomain" value="AADTenantDomain" />
            <add key="AMSRESTAPIEndpoint" value="RESTAPIEndpoint" />

About the code

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