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Node.js Web API with Azure AD B2C

A small Node.js Web API for Azure AD B2C that shows how to protect your web api and accept B2C access tokens using Passport.js.

navyasric 发布者 Navya Canumalla


Azure Batch and HPC Code Samples

azure-samples 发布者 Azure Samples

Developing a Node.js app using the Azure Cosmos DB SQL API

This sample shows you how to use the Node.js SDK to interact with Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB.

deborahc 发布者 Deborah Chen

Developing a Node.js app with Cassandra API using Azure Cosmos DB

This repository has sample Javascript language code to interact with Cassandra API of Azure Cosmos DB in form of creation, query and cleanup of data.

govindk 发布者 Govind

FoodTrucks - Node API App for Azure App Service

Node.js API App food trucks service sample

pkefal 发布者 Panagiotis Kefalidis

Getting Started with Azure Blob Service in Node.js

The getting started sample demonstrates how to perform common tasks using the Azure Blob Service in node.js including uploading a blob, CRUD operations, listing, as well as blob snapshot creation.

yaxia 发布者 Yang Xia

On-demand calculation of Azure consumption cost

Azure Function that returns consumption cost per subscription in Node.js

itye-msft 发布者 Itye Richter

Getting Started with CORS for the Windows Azure Storage Services in Node.js

This sample demostrates how to set the CORS rules for a blob storage account to be used from javascript in a web browser

dineshmurthy 发布者 Dinesh Murthy

Manage Azure websites with Node.js

This sample demonstrates how to manage your webapps using a node.js client

amarzavery 发布者 Amar Zavery

App Service Mobile completed quickstart for Node.js backend

Node.js backend quickstart project after all tutorials have been completed (push, auth, offline, etc..)

ggailey777 发布者 Glenn Gailey

Getting Started with Azure Queue Service in Node.js

The getting started sample demonstrates how to perform common tasks using the Azure Queue Service in node.js including inserting, peeking, getting and deleting queue messages, as well as creating and deleting queues.

yaxia 发布者 Yang Xia

Node.js Azure Function for generating SAS tokens

Node.js Azure Function for getting a blob or container Storage SAS token

lindydonna 发布者 Donna Malayeri

Managed Azure Storage Account Keys for Azure Key Vault using the Azure Node SDK

Managing storage account keys in Azure Key Vault samples using the Azure Node SDK

lusitanian 发布者 David Desberg

Web application development with Node.js and Express using Azure Cosmos DB

This sample shows you how to use the Microsoft Azure DocumentDB service to store and access data from a Node.js Express application hosted on Azure Websites.

ryancrawcour 发布者 Ryan CrawCour

Recovery scenario samples for Azure Key Vault using the Azure Node SDK

Samples of using the Key Vault node SDK for recovering deleted Secrets, Keys, Certificates and Vaults

lusitanian 发布者 David Desberg

Securing a web API with Azure AD

A NodeJS web API that is secured using Azure AD and OAuth 2.0 access tokens.

brandwe 发布者 Brandon Werner

Deploy an SSH Enabled VM with a Template in Node.js

An example illustrating how to use node.js to deploy an Azure Resource Manager Template

haocs 发布者 Hao

Manage resources using Managed Service Identity using node.js

sample that shows how to use msi with node sdk

amarzavery 发布者 Amar Zavery